A Guide On Architectural Drafting

Posted by Victor Clarke on November 20th, 2020

A Guide On Architectural Drafting

The process of building construction starts with rough work. The building draft is made as with the rough work, and we can find out any flaws in the structure and other things. Thus, the grim work or draft has to be a good one to serve its real purpose. 

Unlike the traditional method, the modern process of drafting a construction is done with better and more sophisticated technology. Nowadays, the drafts are made with software programs that are very effective and efficient. 

Here are some details on the types of Architectural Drafting Services you can get. 

1- 2D architectural drafting

One of the most basic ways of drafting is the two-dimensional method. 2D gives you a good idea of the overall structure. It is a replacement for the traditional process of sketching the architecture. 

This method offers a sophisticated and functional alternative to the sketching on the paper method. It can get added with the right colour output and visualization in two dimensions such that you get a feel that you are looking at the picture of the building you wish to build.

2- 3D architectural drafting

The two-dimensional method has a lot of limitations, mainly due to its limitedness of visual output. The 2D rendering of the building structure is not enough for anyone to find out any flaw that will affect the building. 

The 3D architectural drafting method allows us to get a 360-degree view of the building. Doing this also enables us to get a realistic picture of the building and look after the construction work is complete.  

Some of the current software programs are so well-designed that they give very defined structures and shades of colours. They, therefore, can provide you with the replica of your building that will be built. 

3- 4D architectural drafting

The building's 3D structure is often inadequate to give you a clear picture of the finalized construction. It may give you the ability to take an all-rounded view; however, it does not let you explore the depths of the moveable components' functioning. 

The 4D architectural drafting can fill in this gap by making the individual moving components look like working. The opening and closing of the gate, the lifts moving up and down, and so on everyday things, the four-dimensional structure can render. 

Some clients also prefer adding virtual people to move in and out of the buildings and roaming around the premises. 

Thus, 4D architecture drafting can give you a hyper-realistic rendering of your dream structure.

To conclude

These were some details on the types of Architectural Drafting Services you can get for your desired construction that will help you with the proper drafting.

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