Smart Building Solutions Revolutionizing The Future Of Society

Posted by Neha Johnson on November 20th, 2020

Energy conservation awareness across countries is leading to the adoption of the 'new normal' - Smart Buildings. According to recent research, the smart buildings market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 23% from 2020 to 2025. This market is highly driven by the embracement of the latest technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and artificial intelligence (AI).

As the concerns regarding energy expenses and conservation continue to increase, the requirement for intelligent building solutions also escalates further. In most of the cities, nearly 70% of the energy is consumed by buildings, leading to 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. In such a scenario, smart buildings come as a savior, enabling eco-friendly infrastructure, energy efficiency, as well as a convenient environment for the users. Furthermore, the latest innovations in smart building technology also decrease the carbon footprint significantly.


What are smart buildings?

The buildings, which are motorized by intelligent technologies, rich data analysis in real-time, and automation to optimize energy consumption, building performance, in order to provide a more convenient living and lifestyle can be defined as smart buildings.

Almost every component of an IoT smart building is connected to deliver data for the study, which is analyzed in real-time, and then the responses are triggered instantly. This enables the user with ease and comfort of living, thereby, improving cost and energy conservation.


How is building automation system architecture revolutionizing the future?

The building automation systems are already emerging as a catalyst to transform the future of living, working, and optimizing the use of available resources. Along with enhancing energy conservation, smart building solutions are also creating more feasible living provisions.

An intelligent building management system can sense the occupancy in a room, adjust the temperature accordingly, manage usage of electrical equipment based on the presence of people, and save energy significantly. The IoT-powered sensors are integrated into every part of a building, such as rooms, elevators, parking lots, doors, etc. When any issue or defect is detected anywhere, these sensors and systems have the potential to automatically inform the technicians for a faster and economical fix. Smart building solutions not only help in the conservation of resources but also assist in avoiding major accidents and life-threatening events.

Smart buildings are also beneficial for safety and security. For instance, if there is a fire in an apartment of the building, the connected devices will sense it and seek the required response instantly before the fire spreads to the entire building.

Additionally, smart building solutions optimize the utilization of water. The data collected in real-time helps the residents to take the necessary action to customize things, such as daily water consumption in the building, thus, easing in the conservation of resources and energy.


A precise illustration of smart building technology

An employee reaches the office building on time and marks for vacant space to park his car. If it is a smart building, he can review the vacant slots using the mobile application and drive the car right to that empty spot, even if there are hundreds of cars already parked in the area.

The work of a smart building technology doesn't end here, as when the employee is parking the car, the connected devices will prepare his workstation, modify the temperature in his cabin appropriately, arrange the lighting, etc. On the other hand, when he leaves the office for his home, the air conditioner, lights, fan, etc. will be switched off automatically, without any effort from him or even if he forgets to do these things.

If it is a humid day out there, the air conditioning in the building will be automatically taken care of without anybody's effort or interference. Gone are the days of humid and stuffy air in the rooms and all thanks to the smart building technology. With an IoT smart building technology, a user can conserve up to 70% of electricity consumption.


Wrapping up:

As the IoT market becomes more matured and evolved, we will see further advancements, new opportunities, lower energy expenditure and maintenance costs, more robust security, and a comfortable and sustainable future. The trend of smart building technology is undoubtedly friendly and the need of the hour

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