5 Things You Should Ask Your Cat Vet During Your Visit

Posted by The Cat Hospital of Kamloops on November 20th, 2020

Regular check-ups with a Kamloops vet will ensure that you’re always on top of your cat’s health. But don’t just passively go to the vet in Kamloops. Make sure you’re involved in the check-up as well to learn more about the condition of your cat.

Here are the things that you should ask when visiting a Kamloops vet:

1. Is my cat’s weight normal?

Too often, cat parents don’t probe their cat’s weight. According to studies, 50% of household pets are obese. When you learn more about your cat’s weight, you will be able to create a routine that will help with weight loss or weight gain. Maintaining a healthy weight is the first step towards better cat health.

2. What’s the best food to give to my cat?

With so many cat food options out there, it can be overwhelming, especially to first-time cat parents. You would want to choose cat food complete with the nutrients that your pet needs.

Your Vet in Kamloops can help you choose the right brand and type of food ideal for your pet. Your vet can also provide instructions on how much and how often to feed your cat to achieve a healthy weight.

3. Questions about behavior

Ask questions about the behavior of your cat. Did you notice something wrong with the way your cat moves? What about how your cat acts around other pets or other people? Does your usually affectionate cat suddenly doesn’t want to be held? It’s good to ask the vet about these behavioral changes to find out if it’s something that you should be worried about.

4. How do I take care of my cat’s teeth?

Dental health is also important. Cats tend to be prone to dental diseases. You can save so much money on dental care if you know how to take care of your cat’s teeth. The vet can offer tips on proper dental care and schedule your cat for a dental cleaning session.

5. What kinds of vaccines should I get for my cat?

You don’t necessarily have to get all the vaccines for your cat, just the vaccines that suit your lifestyle. The vet will help you determine which vaccines you need. For instance, if your cat is active and tends to like going outdoors, there might be some types of vaccines that are needed. But if you have an indoor cat that rarely goes outside, there might be no need for these vaccines.

Plan your cat’s health with the vet. Make sure you also go for a regular check-up at a reputable clinic like The Cat Hospital of Kamloops. You can improve the quality of life of your cat by getting a regular check-up.

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