5 Signs of Cat Diabetes and How to Prevent It

Posted by The Cat Hospital of Kamloops on November 20th, 2020

Diabetes is just as bad in cats as it is in humans. You should be able to tell if your cat suffers from it with regular check-ups at a Veterinary clinic in Kamloops. But in addition to that, watch out for these signs that might tell you your cat already has diabetes:

1. Excessive hunger.

Most cats have a voracious appetite. However, if it’s already getting out of hand, it might be a sign of a much bigger health issue like diabetes. You need to watch out if your cat is always begging for food or even stealing food from your countertop.

2. Your cat is losing weight fast.

If your cat is eating well but still losing weight, this could be another indication that diabetes is present.

3. Your cat is thirsty all the time.

Just like in humans, excessive thirst could also be present in cats that have diabetes. If you notice that your cat always asking for water and consuming all of his or her water in the bowl, you might want to check if there is an underlying problem that you need to be concerned of.

4. Your cat is urinating frequently.

Since your cat is thirsty all the time and getting more water than normal, frequent urination is also a consequence.

5. Your cat is lethargic.

Is your usually active cat just lying around and sleeping all day? Lethargy is an indication of diabetes because it messes up the body’s ability to produce energy.

Like many other diseases, prevention is better than cure. You can stop diabetes from happening by watching your cat’s weight. You can use the automatic cat feeders that dispense just the right amount of food at the right time if you are not always home to ration their food.

You can go to a Kamloops veterinary clinic and talk to your cat’s vet about what kinds of food that you can give to your cat. Special canned foods for cats are the best because of the balance of carbohydrates and proteins that are in them. That will help prevent obesity in cats.

Make sure your cat is also getting a good amount of exercise. Take your cat out for a walk or provide play areas where they can climb and do various activities. You can build a catio to encourage your cat to become more active. Exercise can also help reduce stress.

Getting regular blood tests at a veterinary clinic in Kamloops such as The Cat Hospital of Kamloops can go a long way in preventing life-threatening diseases like diabetes. It helps pet parents out there to prevent or manage diseases effectively. It’s not easy to become a pet parent but if you have the right veterinary clinic in Kamloops helping you out, you can overcome many challenges.

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