Before Undergoing a Bariatric Surgery, Keep These Points in Mind

Posted by Dr. Ramos Kelly on November 20th, 2020

People who are struggling with excessive weight, who are obese and dealing with medical conditions because of it, undergoing a surgery becomes important. When people hear of surgery, their obvious reaction is of shock and fear. Obese people can tackle their excessive weight with the help of a bariatric surgery. But instead of fearing it, their goal should be to mentally prepare themselves for it. There are qualified, experienced bariatric surgeon in Tijuana that can perform the surgery on you.

But before you get this surgery done, it is important to make yourself ready for it on a mental level. Apart from being physically healthy enough to go for the surgery, you also need to become mentally ready. To help you in this journey, we’ve listed down some key points. Looking at them will make it easier for you to go under a bariatric surgery. Let’s take a look at them.

  • If you are considering of undergoing a bariatric surgery in Tijuana, then it is important that you do not embark on this long journey alone and at once. It is best you develop a support system around you so that you can achieve your weight goals much more quickly and efficiently. Attending seminars, joining support group, and reading books will make the journey easier for you.
  • You should begin by setting realistic expectations. You want to lose weight and you surely will, but if you think you will look thin right after the surgery, then let us tell you that is not possible at all. The aim of bariatric surgery is to work on your stomach and how your body absorbs calories. And since there are types within bariatric surgery, no result can truly be the same. The effectiveness of the surgery depends largely on how religiously you follow the guidelines recommended by the medical professional post surgery.
  • Look for any food addiction you have before undergoing the surgery. Discuss this with your doctor in detail. This is important because after the surgery, you shouldn’t expect your addiction to go away. Your stomach may have become different internally after the surgery, but your emotional needs won’t change with that, which eating usually fulfills. So, understanding your relationship with food is key in order to make the bariatric surgery truly successful.
  • As we mentioned above, bariatric surgery can truly be effective if you follow or stay on track once the surgery has been performed. You need to eat differently post surgery. If you feel depressed, chances of relapsing goes up considerably. And if you suffer from food addiction, then this becomes even more difficult. So, having a counselor or a doctor to talk to regarding this is very important as these professionals can help you stay on track.

If interested, you can get bariatric surgery in Tijuana performed by some of the most famous surgeons. You can get in touch with one online, discuss your concerns with him or her, and after that make a decision regarding the surgery.

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