Ways to clean the lenses of a microscope

Posted by Md Khann on November 20th, 2020

Microscopes should not be cleaned unless they are visibly dirty because the lens can easily stain, scratch, or break if it is cleaned too often. Do not try to remove the lens from the microscope to clean it, or remove the microscope to see the lens more clearly. It is best to take the microscope to a professional to clean it if you think there is a stain on the inside of it.

Blow the dirt

If you see a smudge or smudge while looking into the microscope, turn off the power switch to make sure it's on the outside of the eyepiece, which is the lens you're looking through. If not, the dirt is probably on one of the objective lenses. Blow out the dirt using a suction bulb or a can of compressed air to see if the dirt comes off. Look through the eyepiece again to see if the dirt is gone.

Clean the dirt

Take a lint-free piece of tissue paper if the dirt is still on the lens. Kodak Lens Tissues or Kim Kleenex Wipes are best for microscopes because they won't scratch or lint on the microscope. Lightly brush the lens with half of the tissue. Do not use a cloth on the microscope, or the same tissue twice. Otherwise, you can spread the dirt.

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Soak up the dirt

Put a drop or two of distilled water on a tissue and hold it on the lens for a few seconds if dirt persists. Clean it gently. Add a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol to the tissue if the stain hasn't gone away. The alcohol must be 90% pure. Dip the paper in very mild ammonia instead of alcohol if the lens is very dirty. Create a mild ammonia solution by mixing a half cup of water with an ammonia-filled dropper.

Sticky substances

Use acetone, turpentine, xylene, or oil immersion to remove sticky substances from the lens. Scoop the solvent onto a lint-free piece of tissue using an eyedropper. Then hold it over the lens for a few seconds. Gently wipe the tissue over the lens. These solvents can eat into plastic, so be very careful when using them. Take the microscope to an expert cleaner if the dirt still lingers.


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