What A Crystal Is And How A Crystal Is Different From A “Rock”

Posted by Nola Crystals on November 21st, 2020

All crystals have repeating geometric patterns on an atomic level and will continue to repeat this pattern from the atomic level to the macro level

Now that we understand what a crystal is and how a crystal is different from a “rock” (I hate when crystals are called rocks – THEY’RE NOT!), we can dive into a few more aspects of crystals and how these variables allow for crystal healing.

Everything on our planet is made up of atoms; people, crystals, the air we breathe in, the car we drive, the bed we sleep on, etc. The cells in our bodies are made up of atoms that transmute and receive energy and these atoms vibrate constantly. This principle brings us to:


The cells in our body are constantly vibrating and these same cells can adjust to resonate with changes in our environment, personal relationships and anything and everything we experience. Every experience, feeling and thought we have has its own vibrational frequency. Crystals act as an oscillator to those frequencies due to their repeating geometric pattern – one crystal will continue to vibrate at the same rate and will not change – this is also known as its Dominant Oscillatory Rate (DOR).

*Note: Not all crystals in one family will have the same DOR.

Example: All Amethyst will not have the same DOR. This is because factors such as size, weight, color saturation etc. all have an impact on the individual crystal’s DOR. To put it simply, the bigger the crystal = the higher vibrational frequency = higher resonance.

When the human body is out of whack there is a high level of entropy (disorder). When working with crystals, the crystal entrains the atoms in the human body (resonance) and healing can begin to take place, this, again, is due to resonance.

Dominant Oscillatory Rate (DOR)

Going back to the principles of DOR, it is important to acknowledge that the human body does not have one single DOR but, rather, every part of the body has its own DOR – the brain, the liver, the heart, etc. Collectively there are multiple DORs happening within the body and this is precisely why people can very easily become stressed out, cannot cope with change, have emotional imbalances etc. When there are multiple DORs going on at once it is very difficult to get everything in the body to balance out and resonate with each other. Again, this is where crystal healing becomes relevant. As previously mentioned, when working with crystals each crystal has a specific DOR that has a very low level of entropy (humans have a high level of entropy) so when they begin to entrain and resonate with the cells in our body this is when we can begin to see more balance in our own personal lives.

Although the terms in this blog may seem complicated, if you take one thing from this I want it for you to understand resonance. Choose a crystal that you intuitively pick, work with it for one week and see what happens. Notice the changes. See if you are resonating with that crystal.

Recommended Exercise:

Create a mini-journal for the next seven days –

Each day:

Work with your chosen crystal (carry it with you, mediate with it, whatever YOU feel is right, there is no right or wrong here)

Write down how you feel every single day

I recommend this exercise because if you do not write down how you are feeling everyday it is easy for the mind not to recognize changes. After seven days of jotting down a few notes you will be able to clearly see what has changed and how working with that particular crystal has helped you. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you like with different crystals and this will help you determine in future what crystal you may need to work with for different reasons.

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