How can I earn Money while Studying Abroad; Part Time Jobs in United Kingdom

Posted by Harish Vaishnav on November 21st, 2020

Working while studying in United Kingdom is one of the most common protocols and students usually work part-time intending to pay their living, tuition, and other expenses. Though it may sound like some difficult task to manage, it is very common and very beneficial for all the students who are living and studying in United Kingdom. A number of Indian and international students who study away from their homeland, generally work as part time to pay their rent and other expenses.

All the students who are either leaving for their studies or already studying in United Kingdom but confused about part-time jobs while staying abroad? Say no to worries now as this article will provide you top-notch part-time jobs while studying in United Kingdom

Baby sitter

Working as a baby sitter is one of the most common and maximum money-making part-time jobs in foreign countries. Unlike India, the job of babysitting is very common in other countries and many Indian and international students work as a babysitter to earn a good amount of money. One of the biggest advantages of working as a babysitter is it will be easy for you to understand the foreign culture, Language, and lifestyle of other families and builds confidence.


A number of students seek help when it comes to preparing for SAT or ACT exams. If you have an excellent command of the English language, you can work as a tutor as a part time job. You can teach other students online or offline. All you need to do is register yourself online and look for interested students.

Content writer (Food blogging/ travel blogging)

Not everyone gets the golden opportunity to experience the world outside your homeland and if you getting one then why not write about it? Writing articles, or vlogging is one of the trendiest things you can do today. All you need to have is a good command of English and a creative mindset and there you go! Many companies offer the job opportunity of freelancing and the money is also good. You can also help the companies in designing the website at a very good price.

Store Assistant or Waiter

If you wish to gain more knowledge about the country you are living in and about the culture and lifestyle of people, then this is the right job for you. Working as a store assistant for any store will give you the benefit of interacting with many people with the same of different cultures and even help you broaden your horizon. Not being so trendy in India, it might interest you that this job will help you in earning a great amount of money and you will even receive tips for your great service and hospitality.


Belonging from a different nation gives you the benefit of knowing more than one language and you can use this skill and work as a Translator part-time. The need for a translator is quite high in every field and working as a translator will allow you to make new connections and interact with great and successful people. Depending on your fluency and efficiency, you can set your rates which is profitable for any student wishing to work part-time abroad.

Tour Guide

If you are staying on- campus, then working as a tour guide would the best part-time job for you. Even if you are not staying on campus, you can work as a tour guide. This part-time job, in particular, is quite adventurous and fun. All you need to do is apply in some good tourism organizations and you are all set to go!

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs in United Kingdom

  • It is quite inevitable that staying abroad can be very expensive but working part-time can help you in earing a good amount of money. Plus, you will be earning in a different currency which is very beneficial for any Indian or international student planning to study abroad.
  • Add values to your resume as well as your experience while studying abroad
  • It helps in building your confidence
  • It provides 100 different job opportunities
  • It offers flexible schedules and remote work options

Today, 25 Million people are employed around the world in a part-time job. The experts of Admissify have helped many aspiring students in getting the jobs suitable as per their ability. Call us to find out more about part-time jobs available in United Kingdom. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information or visit for more information and get connected with us today.

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