Web Usability Testing for Evaluating the Website Qualitative User Experience

Posted by usabilitysciences on April 14th, 2014

Usability testing is a technique that examines the behavior of a website and produces a result that can be used in the improvisation of the website. Usability testing is the most important and initiative step in website improvement. It details the various aspects of website like navigation, distracting and attracting features of a website and about the traffic a website receives.

Web site usability testing includes various types of services like:

  • Lab based testing
  • Web based testing
  • Field research
  • Consulting services
  • Global research services
  • Online surveys
  • Omni-Channel testign
  • Live chat with customers

How to evaluate the web qualitative user experience with web usability testing

            Usability testing follows different methods to evaluate the qualitative user experience. Some of those methods are

  • User task analysis – the first and foremost thing to be tested for a qualitative user experience is whether the users are able to accomplish their tasks with the website or not. Aspects like usability, efficiency, preciseness, and intuitiveness have to be considered in this.
  • Readability – the content being the heart of any website must be easy enough for the customer to enjoy while reading.
  • Abandonment – the rate of abandonment has to be analyzed. A user if find the website so complex, will immediately abandon the task and gets out of the website. If the rate of abandonment more than improvisation is required.
  • Using eye tracking – eye tracking is a technique which will find the most looked at features of the user by tracking the user’s eyeball. This will help quite well by finding out the hindering features and other backlogs in a website.
  • Traffic management – the traffic that a website receives must be checked to find the rate of customers visiting a website. If the rate is low, then it is necessary to go for an improvisation.

Usability testing has to be done periodically to enhance the website and also to avoid the bigger issues like reconstructing a whole web site and abandonment of the website. Hence it is better to seek the best usability testing company providing service to avail higher standard of usability testing for a website.

About The Author:

The article has been written by Ben Bishop, the Marketing Manager at Usability Sciences. Usability Sciences offers various Usability Testing services like – Website Usability Testing, Mobile Usability Testing, Website Design, Testing, Remote Usability Testing, and Rapid Iterative Testing. They also offer Eye tracking, Web Usability, Card Sorting and Intercept Survey services to improve your web experience. Besides these they also take a keen interest in various online research and competitive usability research study and analysis.

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