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Posted by Anne Warren on November 21st, 2020

How can I edit a photo for pro? Many are those who ask this question. Today we are more than used to taking hundreds of photographs continuously. Although the results may be good, it is worth having a tool to modify images quickly and without complicating our lives much.

For this reason, we want to talk about Fotor. In one of our previous posts, in which we made a selection of 15 pro online photo editors, we already mentioned Fotor. Now we will delve into how to use it.

Keep in mind that the rise of social networks has meant that many users look for a photo editor to improve the quality of an image. In this sense, Photoshop remains one of the best programs without a doubt. But what it is all about is having a tool at hand that is easy to handle. Not everyone knows how to use Photoshop.

How to download photos without downloading anything?

Fotor is one of the simplest online photo retouching tools that exist. We can use it through its online version or through its mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Focusing on its online version, it is recommended, as in most programs, to try and discover the wide variety of utilities it has. The range of possibilities it offers is very wide.

The best thing is that to start an image editing, you will not have to register or download anything. And you will be able to see the result of your touch-ups instantly. The only thing it will ask you is to register once you want to download the image. Only when downloading, will it ask you to register or access your Facebook account (this is the fastest option), and in just a few seconds, you will have the photo on your computer.

How to edit an image online with Fotor?

But let's see how Fotor works. On the main page, we can already choose the language in which we want to use the tool. Luckily it is in Spanish and that is a great advantage. In the upper right, you can choose the language. Now you just have to choose what you want to do: edit an image, make a collage, or make a design. In our case, we are going to see how to edit a photo online with Fotor.

Once we click on Edit a photo, all the Fotor editing options will appear.

Just below the logo, we find a vertical toolbar in which there are various options, Basic, Effects, Beauty, Border, Stickers, Text and Cloud. At the top we also have another menu from which we can upload a photograph.

By clicking on each of the options, another series of tools appears. The final result of the photograph can be very different depending on the effect we choose, or if we want a certain edge, add light or change the color of the photograph. 

It also allows us, if we deem it appropriate, to enter a text on the photograph or attach a sticker.

Many of the effects are completely professional. You can shine a photo online without further ado. For example, change the color saturation ... As we said, it includes many pro options. Others are paid and you will have to choose the payment option of the tool.

But Fotor not only allows you to edit images. It is also possible to make a Photo Collage. It incorporates up to four types of collages: Classic Collage, Artistic Collages, Funky Collage and Photo Stitching.

In addition to editing and making a collage, it also gives us the option of Design, which makes Fotor a complete and versatile program. And it includes quite a few options. From making a design for social networks, a logo or a header for YouTube, among many other templates.

The good thing about Fotor is that it is an online photo editing tool that is in Spanish and also pro. Of course, logically, the most advanced version that has a cost. Although to tell the truth, it is quite economical. For just over 3 euros a month you can have all its tools at your fingertips.

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