Every Little Detail In A Condom Size Chart

Posted by discountcondomking on November 21st, 2020

 We all know that condoms are one of the ways that a man controls their sperm from entering a women’s vagina. Condom use has been going on for several years, and almost all the population around the world knows about it. Several companies are out that have been producing condoms for several years.

When it comes to condoms, there comes a problem of size. Sometimes, it happens that a man buys a condom, but when he is trying to use it, it turns out to be too small or too big. This is a very common mistake. The condom size must be compatible with your penis size for the effective use of the condom.

What is the size chart?

The solution to the above-stated problem is the condom size chart. A condom size chart is nothing but a list containing dimensions and size of the penis. Almost all wholesale condom suppliers have their own condom size chart.  

Why use a size chart?

People often bring forth a valid argument that why condom manufacturing companies don’t make a free-sized condom that is indiscriminate of sizes. 

Yes, condoms are made from stretchy substances, and it stretches to fit the wearer’s penis size. But that does not mean that a single size condom will fit perfectly for various sizes of penis. A big penis might face tightness when the condom is small, and a small one might feel like wearing baggy clothes with a giant condom. 

To meet the needs of people of different sizes, companies that provide wholesale condoms in the USA have made condoms of different sizes and have also provided size charts along with it for the people to pick appropriately.

Sizes in the Chart:

Almost all the companies that manufacture condoms have minimized the sizes of condoms into four basic sizes and categories. The four basic sizes that are to be discussed here are small, standard, large, and extra-large.

The condom size chart uses both millimeters and inches to make the chart easy to understand and accessible. 

  • Small

A small-sized condom, as the name suggests, is for people looking for a condom size smaller than the average. On average, the base width of this type of condom is 50mm or 2.05inches.

  • Standard

This is the size that is most common. This size has been seen to fit the greatest number of men as it supports the most common size of the penis. The base width is 52mm or 2.05inches.

  • Large

This size is for those who feel that the standard size becomes too short for them. Base width 54mm or 2.13inches.

  • Extra large

This is the biggest size of condoms available. The base width is 56mm or 2.21 inches.


People have a penis of different sizes. People often feel a particular size of a condom does not fit their penis. For people who buy Lifestyle condoms online or from any other place are provided a size chart for picking the right choice. We talked about this size chart here, what it is, what it specifies, and its sizes.  


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