How to remove YouTube ads in half a minute

Posted by John K. Johnston on November 21st, 2020

'Skip add'. These are two tedious words that we have all seen before viewing a video on YouTube, Google's audiovisual content platform. After at least five seconds, we managed to remove the advertisement. How many times have we experienced this situation? Many, sure, but it can be avoided, whether you are a user of the platform on your mobile phone or if you access it from your computer. If you need more inforamtion about YouTube Vanced apk please visit this site.

It is a completely complicated process and that can be undertaken in a matter of seconds through Google's own search engine or that of the application store of the operating system of our cell phone. Regarding its legality, although the controversy is abundant, the reality is that today, according to the decision of the courts in Germany, it is.

We are going to propose two different options for each of the cases (computer and mobile), although on the Internet you can find many different options to remove YouTube ads.

The first, the one that avoids advice on the mobile phone, is limited to downloading an application to the computer. The second blocks advertising on the computer by installing an extension in Chrome, the Google browser.

Remove YouTube ads on mobile

In this case, everything is limited to the installation of an application that will allow you to view the platform's videos without ads. The process is very simple. Go to the application store of your phone (Play Store or App Store) and type in the search box 'YouTube without advertising'.

Below is a list of applications called Ad Blockers (ad blockers). In our case we have chosen to install Adblocker Browser Free. An app that, as its name suggests, does not cost a single cent and weighs just over 50MB.

Once installed, you just have to open the application and, through your browser, enter the URL Now you can start playing YouTube videos without ads. This app also allows -like many others- to enjoy the playback in the background. That is, if you listen to a music video, when you switch applications the music will not stop.

Remove YouTube ads on your computer

In this case, we have blocked YouTube advertising in Chrome, which is the browser or Internet browser developed by YouTube. The operation to remove the ads is extremely quick and easy.

Open Google, go to the search drawer and type 'remove advertising on YouTube'. In the first search results you will see a link with the title 'Ad Blocker for Youtube ™ - Google Chrome'. Click on it. Next you will be asked if you want to install the program 'Ad Blocker for YouTube'. You give it to accept and the application will install. From that moment, YouTube will stop showing you ads.

As in the case of the mobile phone, there are different options for blocking advertising. You can find them all by searching Google. We have shown you the two fastest for both cell phone and computer.

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