Local mental health therapists here to help military spouses ~Get Clarity!

Posted by CharlesEPuckett on November 21st, 2020

Clarity Wellness Center, a Las Vegas mental health center, has launched a program offering affordable mental health and substance use counseling for military spouses.

While making this announcement, Ashia McReynolds (MA, LMFT, LCADC), Clinical Director of the Clarity Wellness Center, said “military spouses comprise a very unique population and their needs are often secondary to their spouses and families. We have established a program that is available for military spouses of active duty, reserves, and veterans of all branches” said McReynolds while acknowledging the multiple roles military spouses hold in their families and their importance to our nation.

The local mental health therapists who operate under the tagline "Get Clarity!" aim to help break barriers and stigmatization military spouses face with mental health issues and substance use.

McReynolds says “the program began to give back to military families and specifically the spouses of military service members. As a former military spouse, I often called myself the ‘single-married parent.’ There were so many experiences that come up while navigating life and the military deployment cycle. Not everyone understands the uniqueness of this lifestyle.” said McReynolds. “We recognize military spouses as the cornerstone of the health and wellness of the military family.”

Ashia McReynolds, a marriage and family therapist, says that the mental health services program aims to help military and veteran spouses receive services for family issues, anxiety, depression, substance use, life-stressors, secondary trauma, adjustment, and many other challenges in which this unique population faces daily.

McReynolds works with people who desire to create change in their lives and gain clarity. The dually-licensed therapist has a Master’s in marriage and family therapy and is currently a marriage and family doctoral student at Northcentral University, with a specialization in military families and veterans.

Potential clients are requested to call (702) 348-9654 to make an appointment. As a professional, McReynolds assures her clients of confidentiality, adding that it is imperative to begin good work. The center’s services are available in person at their offices or through Telehealth.

About Clarity Wellness Center

Clarity Wellness Center is an affordable mental health boutique-style private practice located in Las Vegas, NV. Situated at 2840 E. Flamingo Road, Suite A, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. It offers its services to individuals, couples, and families to gain clarity, healing, and change.

Media contact info

Ashia McReynolds, MA, LMFT, LCADC

Clinical Director

(702) 348-9654




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