Getting Eurovent-Certified Air Handling Units - Why Is It So Important?

Posted by Rajeshwari V on November 21st, 2020

Modern-day societies rely heavily on high-quality HVAC equipment. These systems are essential to the infrastructure of countless homes and office spaces across the country. Often, HVAC experts have to customize their units to suit client demands. No matter how complex an HVAC system is – all the components must have certification. The HVAC industry is very strict when it comes to component quality. That’s why there are different certifications and tests that components need to go through before hitting the market. One of the most honorable certifications in the HVAC industry is Eurovent Certification. This worldwide certification committee oversees millions of HVAC equipment and components every year. The Eurovent Certification Company is the organization spearheading these high-quality certifications.

What Does It Mean to Be Eurovent-Certified? 

Eurovent certification legitimizes the quality, mechanical strength, thermal efficiency, and other key qualities of HVAC products and components. Eurovent represents all the leading European manufacturers with international or pan-European reach. One can guarantee that Eurovent-certified Air handling units are ten times more marketable than uncertified units. In case there are major manufacturing issues or scandals, Eurovent informs legislative experts in the European Union. Overall, the Eurovent Certification is the biggest name in the HVAC equipment standardization market. These experts consistently develop strict product certification programs and even publish technical application manuals.

Eurovent Certification – How it Benefits the Market 

Eurovent certification has become synonymous with high-performing HVAC components and equipment. For instance, no one will purchase Sliding Gate Motors if they don’t have Eurovent certification. The certification company aims to make the market fair for all manufacturers. They want to reward integrity, quality, and accuracy as HVAC component manufacturers. That’s the only way to boost customer confidence in the HVAC industry! Manufacturers with certified HVAC products are likelier to land high-ticket contracts.

Getting the Certification

To obtain Eurovent certifications, participants have to request an application. Then, the Eurovent experts visit the participant’s facility to check the units. For instance, Eurovent-certified Air handling units have to go through countless performance tests. Then, the manufacturers have to sign a license and allow the Eurovent experts to test as many components/products they like. Every three years, Eurovent experts conduct random checks. They also make annual checks.

Buying a Eurovent-Certified Product – What are the Benefits

By getting a Eurovent-certified product, users will receive HVAC equipment of the best mechanical strength. They can sleep peacefully knowing their HVAC components won’t leak air or face damage from external pressure. The heating and cooling capacities of Eurovent-certified HVAC products are far better than that of uncertified components. Lastly, Eurovent experts also check HVAC components and systems for their energy efficiency. So, buying a Eurovent-certified product not only means you’re buying class but also means you are energy-efficient

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