Ways to Know if Your Jewellery is Real or Fake

Posted by Deeelement on November 21st, 2020

Silver Testing 

One of the most popular materials used in the jewelry industry is undoubtedly silver. This is because it is a highly stunning material, precious and loved by all people. Seeing its popularity, individuals love to buy it and adorn themselves with it. However, not all silver jewellery is genuine as some are simply silver plated. But how will you know whether it is fake or real?

If you are buying jewelry, then you would want it a real precious material to reflect what you'r paying for a quality and to last for a very long time and this is why you must know the difference between genuine sterling silver jewellery and fake silver pieces. A lot of time customers buy silver jewellery thinking it's real but it is nothing more than costume jewelry. If you don’t want such a thing to happen to you then you must stay informed about it and this short guide can help you out on spotting real sterling silver jewellery.

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What Is 925 Sterling Silver?

It stands for 92.5% pure silver present in a jewelry piece, which is mixed with other alloy material such as copper to mold it properly. This is completely different from a piece of jewelry that is silver plated as in that only a coat of silver is used over the top of another metal. Silver is a soft metal and a coat of it can be easily scratched off and also tarnished easily. So, eventually, the actual metal will get exposed at some point.

How Can You Tell If a Piece is a Real 925 Sterling Silver?

Worried about the authenticity of your “sterling silver” jewellery, there are a few warning signs that you should look out for to determine if it is fake or not.


One of the easiest ways of finding out fake silver jewelry from a real one is by using a piece of magnet and placing it next to the silver jewellery. If the jewelry is genuine, it will not get attracted to the magnet, which is its quality; however, other metals are easily attracted to a magnet.


Another way to check is to see if there are any marks on your jewellery which relate to its purity.

When you buy sterling silver jewellery and to be sure it is a real one, always look for marks which say 925, .925, s925 or S925 on the jewelry as this is used to represent the purity of the material used to make the jewelry. However, there are many who try to replicate this mark to trick the customers, so it is vital to do some more tests as well.

Cloth Test

Wipe your silver jewellery with a soft white cloth to know how pure it is. If there are black marks on the cloth after rubbing the jewelry, then you can be certain that it is indeed 925 silver. Wondering how? 925 silver oxidizes when exposed to air and this is why it gets tarnished over the years, developing a dark blackish tinge.

Checking pieces for these signs is a sure way to ensure that you are investing in a real 925 sterling silver product and not settling for a fake piece of “silver” jewelry.

 gold metal

Gold Testing

Just like silver, it is difficult to tell between fake or real gold in the very first look. This is why a lot of dishonest sellers trick their customers by giving them fake items. Luckily, there are some simple ways that one can follow to know if their jewelry is genuine or not!

Look for marks

Manufacturers stamp their genuine jewelry pieces’ clasp to let the customer know of its purity. If you can’t find one on your jewelry then there are great chances that it is fake. However, older jewelry is an exception to this method as this method is recently applied. If there are dents, marks, shapes, and discoloration that could also be a sign of fake gold.

Nitric Acid Test

Real gold will never react to nitric acid and this method can be used if you can’t determine the purity of gold via any other way. Do it by scratching lightly on the jewelry’s surface and then apply a small amount of nitric acid on it, preferably using a dropper. If the surface looks or turns green, then the jewelry could be gold clad. In case you notice a milky substance, then it could be because there is silver in it.

 Use a magnet

Just like silver, gold also doesn’t react to the magnet, making it an apt way of identifying whether the jewelry is authentic or not. If it is sticking to the magnet, then it is a fake.

Keep in mind that these methods do not always guarantee results. It is better to consult a specialist in jewelry appraisals to find out if your jewelry is real or fake. At ROANO Jewelers, we take pride in giving fair, honest and accurate information on the value of any jewelry. Our jewelry experts know how to get the best jewelry quality with the best prices by considering the material, workmanship, condition, market price, and other important factors.

 Contact us for more information about our products and services.

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