Lead Generation - Why You Don't Need a Better Mouse Trap!

Posted by Digital_Zone on November 22nd, 2020

As we all are reaching out to build a better lead generation and sales mouse trap, I do believe we sometimes lose sight of the main element elements it requires to truly takes to win the sales and marketing game.

I recently was having a discussion with a customer about where to produce investments into growing web traffic. In his case, he was attempting to decide whether to boost investments to the social media marketing and blogging aspects of his marketing or if he should invest heavy into extending his depth in SEO; ultimately trying to determine which may yield the greatest traffic gains and conversions to his website.

My response was both. I think today that in order to achieve the sales growth results companies are looking for, we really don't have room to skimp on certain regions of how exactly we invest into Lead generation and sales growth. You ought to assume that whenever you measure yourself against your biggest competitors, they are making the appropriate investments that you should be making. If they're outselling you, there is a good basis for that.

Many companies I hear complaining in regards to the "economy" and citing that as the reason their sales are down. The truth is that companies are buying and utilising the products and services you provide. And so the question becomes how do you get a more impressive bit of the sales that are being and are likely to be transacted?

Answer: Marketshare!

It's time for you to erode business from your own competition. They sales are out their, you need to invest heavier into all regions of your sales and marketing organization to really get your company subjected to potential customers and I understand this is not breaking news. You can't expect sales to cultivate in case a buyer is buying from your own competition because they do not know you exist. If your losing contracts to competition and that's the reason your sales are down you then have whole pair of different issues to deal with such as for example lowering your cost of sales to be competitive in your pricing or carrying out a better job of communicating increased value for the purchase price you charge which is really a totally different discussion all together.

It's time for you to invest heavy into becoming a new business development machine. In the event that you rely on your product, your team and yourself, there is no question whether or not to really make the investment into growth, the questions becomes how.

Start speaking with the experts, companies that give attention to lead generation and new business development as their business. They will show you where their most successful clients are investing their sales and marketing dollars and what methods are yielding the greatest sales gains. You shouldn't need to scratch your head and wonder where new sales can come from.

You never need to build a better mouse trap, you merely need to set more traps.

David Fitzgerald, CEO - The Gravity Marketing Group [http://www.gravitymarketinggroup.com]

David Fitzgerald is a very accomplished business professional with over 17 years experience in corporate leadership, business development, sales management, sales education, marketing and public relations.

Ahead of forming the Gravity Marketing Group, he spent his career climbing the sales and marketing ranks with organizations such as for example Best Buy Company, Kare11 TV, Digital River and as President of Subjex Corporation, a publicly traded artificial intelligence software company.

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