How Can you Choose the Right 55-inch LED TV for your Home?

Posted by tanjnipache on November 22nd, 2020

Choosing the right television for your home might be a daunting task, considering the large number of appealing models in the market. Generally, it is advisable to go for a television with futuristic features such that you do not have to worry about upgrading to a newer model any time soon. You have a plethora of factors to explore before making the purchase.

Here are certain aspects you may check out, while scanning for the best smart TV.

Choose the right brand
If you are looking for quality products, it is certainly wise to go for one of the leading brands. Once a brand earns a nice reputation in the market, they have a track record to maintain and hence try to uphold the quality of their products. Moreover, the best 4k ultra HD TV brands are constantly trying to come up with innovative technologies which would make their televisions the best ones available.

Check out the display
Naturally, the display of a TV is the best important factor to consider. Nowadays, televisions come integrated with various sophisticated technologies which enhance the display performance. The latest models would offer displays with the following features:
4K UHD: The 4K UHD televisions come with four times the number of pixels that a full HD TV does. Higher the pixel density, better is the picture quality. This also makes the pictures much richer in colour by enabling the display to produce a wide range of shades.
HDR: The function of HDR is to enhance the details in the picture. It helps to reproduce the lightness and darkness of the colours accurately, thus making the pictures much better in quality and more detailed.
Micro Dimming: This zoning technique involves artificial intelligence dividing the display into hundreds of square zones. The brightness and darkness in each of these zones are adjusted separately, thus enhancing the contrast.

Look for smart features
As you are looking for a sophisticated model, you should certainly go for a 55 inch 4K smart TV which enhance the experience of the viewers with various additional functions. The following features are a must in any smart TV you buy:
Android OS: Known to be the most popular OS in the world, Android is quite user friendly and comes with various functions. For example, the Android OS supports a wide range of apps which would enable you to enjoy various content.
An app store: The TV should allow the users to download the apps they need from a wide range of options in an app store. Usually, android TVs come installed with Google Play Store or an app store from the manufacturer.
Voice control: If you are purchasing a futuristic TV, you shouldn’t have to control everything using the remote. Look for a TV with voice recognition features such that you can command it by speech. You might even buy one which integrates well with your home automation systems.

Other features you may look for in a 4K android TV include Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, surround stereo sound, etc. A classy model with all these features can provide you with endless entertainment for the years to come.

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