Examples of regular and irregular verbs

Posted by Md Khann on November 22nd, 2020

A verb is a word that expresses the action carried out by the subject. Verbs have a root, and endings (or endings), which may or may not vary depending on the verb mood and tense. there are two types of verbs: regular and irregular.

 Regular verbs:

The regular ones are those that do not change their root at the moment of being conjugated. For example, the verb nadar retains its root nad, in the various conjugations ( and o, nad é, nad aré).

 Contrary to this, the irregulars have alterations in their root in some of their conjugations. For example, the verb to know does not retain its root (I know, I knew, I will know). Thus, the stem (or lexeme) remains completely constant in regular verbs and is modified in irregular ones.

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 30 examples of regular verbs:

Love (You have to learn to love your neighbor).

Dance (My friends invited me to dance tonight).

Work (I'm going to start work on weekends)

Live (Live and let live )

Drink (You need to drink water to hydrate yourself)

Support (We must support our candidates)

Learn (You have to learn to control your impulses)

Clap (and suddenly all the people started clapping )

Boring (Don't get bored during the afternoon)

Add (We have to add more pages to your work)

Discuss (I don't want to argue with you anymore)

Answer (You have to answer all my questions)

Trust (You can't trust all people)

Educate (You have to educate the new generations)

Wait (I can't wait anymore)

Understand (I want to help you understand the situation)

Drive (I just learned to drive my car)

Call (I'm going to call you on the phone tomorrow )

Enter (I will not let you in to class if you do not arrive early)

Wash (Today I have to wash my clothes)

Start (You have to start your work)

Burn (We have to burn all those papers)

Steal (Today they entered to rob the bank)

Visit (My friends came to visit me )

Employ (Starting tomorrow they will employ me in a company)

Announce (My boyfriend and I are going to announce our engagement)

Fight (I don't want to fight you)

Attack (The lion will attack you if you are not careful)

Ban (I will have to ban these kinds of attitudes in the future)

Appreciate (Juan has learned to appreciate everything he has)

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Irregular verbs:

There are two types of irregularities in verbs:

 The vowels, which occur when the vowels "e" are affected, which makes a diphthong and becomes "ie", closes to "i", or creates a diphthong to "ue", or closes to "u".

The consonants, which are those that occur when a consonant is added to the original root.

30 examples of irregular verbs:

Bring (I bring).

Rain (it rains)

Know (I knew)

Fall (I fall)

Feel (feel)

Fit (fit)

Laugh (river)

To gird (gird)

To be (is / was / is)

Sleep (sleep)

Count (count)

Play (play)

Hear (hey)

Play game)

Stand up (stand up)

Follow (follow)

Come (come)

Want (want)

Have (there was)

Know (knew)

Ask (ask)

irregular verb think

Pour (pour)

Lease (lease)


Be (was)

Pleasure (pleasure)

Get out (get out)

Ask (asked)

Go (go / went)

Runaway (ran away)

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