Should You Convert Your Loft?

Posted by Digital_Zone on November 22nd, 2020

While lofts are abundant, they are rarely used to their full potential. Just think: in every house there is a room the full length of the property, just waiting to be used! But is jumping into a loft conversion the right decision? Below we’ll run through why our loft conversions are the best in Bristol and Bath, and make the perfect addition to any home.

Cut Down on Heat Loss

Many know that the majority of heat energy is lost through the roof of the house. If you’ve ever ventured up to your attic space, then you’ll have instantly realised just how chilly it can get up there. By converting your loft, you will be able to add energy saving insulation that will not only keep the loft toasty and warm, but will significantly reduce the amount of heat escaping from your home in general. This leaves a big knock-on effect on other rooms of your house too, as well as shaving off the extra pounds on your annual heating bill thanks to a reduction in escaping energy.

Boost The Value of Your Home

At MPK, we’re often asked about how a garage conversion can affect the price of a property. The good news is that a loft can significantly increase your property’s overall value, and is one of the biggest benefits to a freshly made loft spade

Of course, the value that might be added to your property depends on the building. That said, with any extra functional space added to your home, you can expect an increase of 25% in value. Combined with the fact that lofts are by far one of the cheapest conversions to make in a property, you’ll be getting a significant return on investment if you decide to go ahead.

Expand Living Space Without Sacrificing Living

When horizontal space is out of the question, then build up! Since our loft conversions make use of a space that already exists, the process is simple and requires very few materials compared to other property additions. Better yet, because the loft space sits atop of the home, it means that your regular household lifestyle doesn’t need to be put on hold. You’ll be able to access all of your regular rooms and amenities whilst we get to work on your new loft space.

No Planning Permission Necessary

Sometimes it feels unfair that homeowners need to request planning permission from the local council when they want to make changes to their property. Anyone with a new shed, garage or conservatory will know that applying for planning permission isn’t always a straightforward process. 

Thankfully, since lofts are pre-existing space, there is absolutely no planning permission required. As long as you don’t want to alter the outside of your property, you can get started as soon as your budget allows it, giving you the greatest amount of flexibility with your project.

More Space, Not Less

When opting for a traditional extension, you have to draw up the costs of cutting down your lower ground space—which is usually taken as a chunk of your garden. But with a loft, you can add more space without sacrificing what you already have. By simply commodifying your unused loft, you’ll be able to enjoy a massive amount of untapped potential. This option alone makes one of our loft conversions the best way to create a new space in your home.

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