The scope of Partial Discharge Monitoring

Posted by AllmaJess on April 14th, 2014

Electricity shutdown is a major cause of the loss of time during production and manufacturing process. This problem may arise due to a number of factors, such as, low energy sparking, overheating of the conduction system, high current breakdown, issues with the conduction system or any other reason beyond comprehension due to inadequate supply of electricity. It is, therefore, of extreme importance that you keep a check over conduction and electricity generation system by partial discharge monitoring. There are multiple partial discharge generator factors which cause disturbance in the normal conduction of the impulses and disruption in the electricity system as a whole.

Partial discharge monitoring may help save you a great deal of money as well as energy. As partial discharge occurs due to any of the problems, mostly, due to fluctuations in the supply of voltage, a constant check need to be performed so that you come to know about misbehavior of any machine before it is too late. In industries, sophisticated instruments are used and are both delicate and expensive. Any harm coming to it may prove to be damaging to your entire financial account. So, you should try to evaluate the performance and stability of your apparatus so as to know the health status of your equipment.

If the problems, like partial discharge are left as they are, it may start affecting other systems and one of the production units may cease to work within a matter of days. For instance, if your transformer system is affected by any of the factors known to be the partial discharge generator, the conduction of accurate voltage to the unit to which it supplies electricity is also impaired. This, in turn, affects the sensitive instruments which are both expensive and essential for the production procedure. Partial discharge affects the insulation of the cables, which, in turn, causes a disturbance in conduction of electricity.

If the insulation of the cables of your machine is composed of paper or any other flammable material, this problem needs further attention from your side. Partial discharge monitoring at regular intervals can save you from major disasters. The machines and apparatus which are used on regular basis should undergo this test every once in a while because there are greater chances that these machines get worn out quickly as compared with the ones which are used after a while. Transformers, for instance, operate twenty-four hours a day.

The monitoring of transformers is, therefore, very important. There are other methods of checking the durability of machines as well, but Partial Discharge Monitoring is considered as the best approach to assess the health status of the machines which are involved in routine use. The process of partial discharge affects performance and durability of computer systems as well. This is because when voltage fluctuates the sensitive parts of computers are affected and you may lose the precious and important data stored within the internal storage areas. So, not only the heavy-duty machinery, sensitive and sophisticated machines, like computer systems are also affected by this problem.

Partial Discharge Monitoring of the instruments prone to effects of Partial Discharge Generators is very important. You should conduct these tests once in a while.

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