A look into the various makes of a fridge slide

Posted by JulyRed on April 15th, 2014

In the field of security tool boxes, one must be cautious about getting the right ones. An array of companies has sprung up promising to deliver top-notch products, only to falter. However, most companies involved in the manufacture, repair, overhaul or assembly of trucks, caravans and boats offer customers with good fridge slide units too. The trouble lies when the wide variety that exists in companies dealing with these parts fail to offer clients their desired models. In such cases, one can go in for custom-made solutions. Be slide and tilt slides, drop down slides or swing slides, reputed MW tool boxes companies have all forms to suit the requirements of the masses or better still, construct the exact ones.

When carrying a fridge, a fridge slide is important for easy access. Say for instance, in cars. The inclusion and utility of a storage system, top shelf, driving barrier and cargo barrier combined with the choice of a vehicle necessitate careful selection and planning. So when you think about purchasing one for your four-wheeler, check the measurements of the fridge carefully to save financial losses, if any.

Although the fridge size is a key indicator about the fit and type wanted, one might be spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of options. Here is looking at the different types of slides and their product specifications:

-Inbuilt slides: Mostly a one piece folded galvanized steel design and an equally strong carpeted water resistant timber top, these are the strongest slides. The heavy duty stainless steel tie downs are recessed into the timber top and bolted through inside the steel slide at the bottom. The tie downs ensure no rattling when not in use. Also these slides lock in and out at that time, and slides don’t move even when the fridge is inclined.

-Full floor slides: With dual inbuilt slides, the control of side to side movement could not be achieved. Owing to the lack of space to fit adjustment bearings on both sides of each slide, lateral stability was highly compromised. Now, the solution has come in the form of lateral adjustment bearings that can be fitted on either side of the slide. By mounting a single platform to the dual slides with adjustment bearings in the centre to maintain alignment, the required lateral alignment is achieved. Now both fridges usually slide out together maintaining its toughness and reliability.

-Free standing Heavy Duty Slides: There are generally two types of slides in this category- the FS-1 and FS-2. The former is designed for fridges upto 50 litres range. Stores which have this slide keep additional mounting boards and tie down straps to suit all types of fridges.

The latter is extendable from the standard internal tray size of roughly 850 mm. This helps in accommodating a range of larger fridge sizes over 60 litres or so.

The above mentioned ones are the most commonly used slides in the market currently. For interested consumers, any proper Mw tool boxes company has all these accessories besides the conventional canopies and toolboxes for vehicles.

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