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Posted by AllmaJess on April 15th, 2014

A portfolio is an important tool that all the professional photographers need to have to offer glimpses of their photographic skills. However, it is not always so easy to find the right means to present your works. You should so some research on the internet to find out some of the best free online portfolio sites that you help you create an online photo portfolio that is good enough to impress the viewers and inspire them to avail your services. You can run down the samples featured on the sites and create a portfolio based on them. If you are graphic designer, you can check the online portfolio sites to examine the graphic design portfolio examples and extract inspiration for creating your own portfolio. This article ventures out to give you an overview of the mistakes that the designers commit while creating photograph portfolios.

Here are some of the mistakes that are commonly made by the designers while creating online portfolios:

•             Obfuscation:  It is important to ensure that your online photo portfolio exhibit both clarity and focus. Most of the portfolio designers make the mistake of not emphasizing on clarity and focus while creating a photograph portfolio. The portfolio designers should use appropriate content in the portfolio.

•             Information Stuffing:  Do not stuff too many information in your online photo portfolio. Just give as much information as is required. There are many portfolio designers who are of the wrong conception that the more information you provide, the better it is.

•             Overdoing It:  It is important to keep things organized and simple in your portfolio, but many portfolio designers forget this. They try to overdo things, thus making the portfolios look clumsy.

•             Visual Smother: Try to determine the purpose of a decorative element if you have used any in your photograph portfolio. Ensure that the decorative elements if you have used in your portfolio suit our objective and compliment your work. If they do not fit your goals, you can remove them. Keep in mind that the more visual elements you try to add in your portfolio, the tougher it will be to maintain professionalism. White spaces offer a professional look to your portfolio. The more visual components you inject in your portfolio, the tougher it will be to maintain the effect of professionalism.

•             Uncommon Navigation:  Designers always try to be unique when it comes to creating portfolio. Make sure that your portfolio is easy to navigate. Even if many people are navigating your portfolio at the same time, they should not be difficult for them to navigate through it.

Going through the various graphic design portfolio examples in the top ranking portfolio sites would provide you with a precise idea about how you should create your own portfolio. You can even consider registering in a website that allows you to create your portfolio for free.

One of the prime benefits of having an online photo portfolio is that when an employer types your name in Google, your professional online photo portfolio will appear on the search results.

If you want to create an online photo portfolio to increase your visibility in the photography industry, you can visit our website. You can run down the graphic design portfolio examples to extract an idea about how your portfolio would look.

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