6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

Posted by Kelly Miller on November 23rd, 2020

Are you trying to lose weight but not getting results?

An extra belly fat immediately becomes a matter of concern. People resort to exercising and dieting to remain in shape.  But losing weight is the hardest thing to do. From working out in the gym for long hours to cutting down on calories, people do every possible thing to reduce an inch or two. But many times the result is fruitless. In spite of long runs on treadmills, you still do not fit in your favorite jeans. Don’t panic. Rethink and figure out where you are going wrong!

Diet mistakes can lead to a reverse effect making your weight loss journey harder. Here at online pharmacy UK, we have studied the most mistakes people make when on weight loss mission. 

So read on, and find out the common mistakes that you should avoid for achieving the desired weight loss.

  • Skipping breakfast:

Breakfast is the first and essential meal of the day. People conveniently believe the myth that skipping breakfast is the best and simple way to cut calories. But skipping on the first meal of the day slows down your metabolism and causes certain hormonal changes. Starving for more than 10 to 11 hours will intensify your cravings. This will lead to eating unplanned snacks and a super-sized portion at lunch.

Advice: Eat a wholesome breakfast rich in protein and fibre that can curb your hunger throughout the day. Refer to good and bad foods at breakfast

  • Incorrect exercising:

Losing weight is a gradual process and one requires patience. Many people resort to rigorous exercising and training to speed up the weight loss process. But a rapid increase in workouts along with a low-calorie diet will weaken you and increase stress. Also following the same pattern of exercise every day will not show a good sign of weight loss. Quality exercising is important rather than the number of workouts.

Advice: Combine cardio and resistance training for best results. Adequate Cardio exercise helps in maintaining good cholesterol and blood pressure level and resistance training or weightlifting build muscle boosts metabolism and promotes belly fat loss. People having a tight work schedule can alternate cardio and resistance training.

Practising yoga daily also helps in weight loss to a larger extent Book your yoga mats today.

  • Improper sleeping habits: 

Tired businesswoman sleeping in chair at the desk Free Photo

which is a satiety hormone and increases ghrelin which is a hunger hormone. People who are awake for longer hours eat more often at night. They also choose a meal with more carb and fat content to satisfy their hunger. Thus lack of sleep affects the number of fats we burn at night.

Advice: 7 to 8-hour sleep is essential for the human body to function fully. Taking a bubble bath after returning home from work or reading a good book at night relaxes our mind resulting in a sound sleep.

  • Less intake of water:

People often concentrate on eating a healthy diet and forget about drinking. Insufficient intake of water reduces the amount of fluid in the stomach leading to dehydration. Often hunger is caused due to thirst of water. The biggest blunder people make is consuming fruit juices and calorie-free drinks instead of water. Though fruit juices contain vitamins, they also contain sugar. Substituting water with juices adds on to calories leading to a weight problem. Also, consuming fruit or vegetable juice lead to a loss in fibre which is required to fight against fat accumulation.

Advice: Drink at least 3 litres of water each day. Drinking water 20 minutes before meal results in loss of appetite, body fat and weight. Staying hydrated helps prevent headaches which can otherwise lead to stress eating.

  • Wrong diet plan and eating habits:

People do have a proper knowledge of what food to eat and not. This gives rise to many dieting myths. A balanced diet is important for keeping your body healthy and in shape.

Fats: People remove fats from the diet as it is considered as a substance which simply gains weight. But in reality, facts are nutrients that supply energy for the proper functioning of the body.

  • Proteins: Sufficient protein intake is important for weight loss as it increases satiety and lowers the level of hunger. It also accelerates metabolism provides muscle growth and more energy to burn fat.

  • Calories: Consuming too many calories can stop you from losing weight and few calories can increase your hunger and reduce metabolism and muscle mass.

  • Fiber: Not eating enough fibre hampers the weight loss process. Viscous fibre helps reduce appetite by forming a gel that absorbs water and makes you feel stuffed. 

  • Portion of food: Eat food in the right portion. Eating tiny portion results in constant hunger and cravings. It also slows down metabolism leading to less energy. Thus it becomes harder to lose weight. 

  • Salads: Eating salad is the best way to reduce weight but avoid adding calorie-dense dressing and sauces to it.

  • Distraction: Eating while distraction causes mindless eating. It is found that when you eat while watching a TV or working on a computer you eat more as compared to eating alone without distraction.

  • Cheat meal: Treat yourself with a cheat meal at least once a week. As too much restriction will intensify cravings and result in overeating.

Advice: Eat a well-balanced diet and wholemeal with all required nutrients. 

  • More focus on weighing scale:

People have a tendency to weigh their self on a daily routine during the weight loss process. But they feel frustrated if they do not see the number on scale moving in spite of exercising and dieting. And thus may resort to overeating. The actual number on the weighing scale is affected due to many factors such as menstrual cycle, muscle gain and greater water retention. Thus if the scale is not moving it doesn’t mean that you are not losing mass weight but it is mainly due to water holding in the body.

Advice: Try using a measure tape and measure around your waist, hips and thighs to track your progress once a week. Weigh yourself twice a week to keep yourself motivated.


The best formula of weight loss is burning a greater amount of calorie with respect to calorie consumed. It’s still crucial to find out the reason for weight gain and whether following weight loss process is a healthy decision. If you have a history of disordered eating or unsound sleep try contacting a doctor before making new nutrition plans for weight loss.

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