Graphic design portfolio examples show you how a perfect portfolio should look

Posted by AllmaJess on April 15th, 2014

If you are in search of a graphic designing job, you need to create a graphic design portfolio. You can check the various portfolio sites to find graphic design portfolio examples and gather information about how to create an effective portfolio to stand out from the crowd in the graphic designing industry and prompt the recruiters to hire you. A graphic design portfolio exhibits the skill and artistry of the graphic designer. Thus, it is important to create the portfolio carefully and ensure that it markets the professional designer well. For creating perfect graphic design portfolios, you can do a thorough research on the internet and find out sites that can help you create portfolios for free.

It is always advisable to thoroughly scrutinize the graphic design portfolio examples given in the top-ranked portfolio websites and create a portfolio accordingly. You need to sort through all the projects you have done recently and in the past and choose the best works to be included in the portfolio. You can seek help from friends and family members to get unbiased review about which is your best work. Keep your best work in the beginning of your work sample list. Apart from the best design, also include other work samples that are also of high-quality.

Keep in mind that graphic design is usually found in three media, namely printed materials, on CDs, DVDs, and on the web. Thus, you need to include your work samples in all these media to impress the viewers of your portfolio. Many clients require printed graphic designs. To inspire these clients to select you as their service-provider, you need to display some of your best graphic designs in printed materials and ensure that they exhibit your professional and artistic skills in the best way possible. You can consider inserting calling cards and letterheads, CD or albums covers that you have designed, logos that you consider to be your best creations, brochures, and banners in your portfolio.

Make your online portfolio design simple. You can consider a neutral color background for your online portfolio because it will enable your artwork to stand out from the crowd. Try to restrict your image samples at 100 to 150 kb so as to allow them load quickly. If the images in your portfolio do not load faster, the viewers will get bored and leave your portfolio.  Ensure that it is easy to navigate through your online graphic design portfolio.

Your CD or DVD portfolio will be different edition of your site. If you wish, you can use the same design and pages as is there in your websites. The image files can definitely be larger as you do not need to download anything. You can even consider adding animation to turn it more interesting. Make sure that the prospective clients find in your portfolio the things they are in search of. Ensure that the viewers find your portfolio interesting to go through. In order to know how to make graphic design portfolios interesting, you should go through a few graphic design portfolio examples on the internet.

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