Importance of having Social Media Presence for a Business

Posted by Jennifer Paul on November 23rd, 2020

Because of the various restrictions, businesses are having to face today, due to the global pandemic, the importance of social media in commerce has grown tremendously. With more and more people joining and using social media sites regularly, the social media industry is bound to grow in the coming years. Any business that wants to expand and flourish will have to incorporate Social Media in their plans if they want to survive.

By giving your business brand the social media advantage, you will not only generate more business but also connect with and serve your customers much better. Keep reading this article if you want to know how social media management can be a deal-breaker or maker for your business.

1. The power of social advertising: Although social media advertising is relatively new, it is undoubtedly the fastest advertising platform today. There are several reasons for this -

a) Lower costs: When compared to other advertising methods like print media, television and radio advertising, social media ads cost a lot cheaper.

b) Targeting customers: Social media ads let you select your target audience which leads to higher conversion rates and ultimately a higher return on investment.

c) Performance analysis: Social media ads allow you to constantly keep track of how well your ad is performing. You can also change your ad on the go and see the results as well.

2. Increased brand awareness: Social media can be a powerful tool when growing brand awareness for your business. There are organizations that dismiss it completely as a way to build a brand, but by doing that, they miss out on many opportunities. Companies can leverage social media to find their audience and interact with them. Social media marketing services provided by a social media advertising agency like OktoBuzz help businesses create and maintain their brand’s presence on social media, which can result in higher discovery rates, higher engagement, and conversions. 

3. Increase inbound traffic: By pushing efforts on social media promotions, a business can create a completely new channel to draw in targeted inbound traffic. With social media, you diversify the marketing efforts in more ways than one. Social media lets you connect to a versatile customer base. Each piece of social media content that is created can act as a new door for new customers to find your brand.

4. Better Search Engine Optimization: By optimizing your company’s social profiles and keeping them fresh with the correct content, you can create a stronger presence on the internet. Social media content gets you more exposure and opens up multiple channels to draw customers towards your business.

Today there are massive amounts of content being created and shared on social media. This content is easily discovered by audiences with the help of keyword search, hashtags, etc. When the content you create clicks with the right audience, you may very well win new followers that have the potential to be converted into customers.

5. Connecting with customers: Social media gives you the power to analyse customer feedback and interact with them personally 24x7. No other media allows you to do that. This means that you get direct feedback on your products and services, and also get to address grievances directly. Social media gives you the power to make improvements to your business with the help of customer feedback every day.

Getting on the social media bandwagon is no longer a matter of choice if you want your business to flourish. It is a need. All businesses need it. The importance of social media in business has become more prominent than ever.

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