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Canada has always been an attractive destination for pursuing studies not just because Canada is beautiful country but for the high standards of education as well.

Education is one sector which is given highest priorities by the government of Canada and is quite liberal in allowing foreign students to study in Canada.

Why students prefer studying in Canada?

The qualities that attract students from all over the world to come to Canada in large numbers include:

High quality education at affordable cost

Canada is a preferred choice for studies as it provides high quality education at affordable tuition fee.Moreover, the credentials provided in the form of diplomas and degrees are also globally recognized and are accepted and valued internationally.

Wide choice of educational institutions in Canada

Canadian colleges and universities have various education programs in wide variety of streams such as IT, healthcare, engineering, agriculture, accounting, economics, metallurgy, mining, oil & petroleum, renewable energies besides various others. At Go4Canada, we provide options in hundreds of such approved institutions.

Major focus on skill development

In addition to learning in classrooms, through co-operative work system, students are groomed in relevant skills required to excel in their careers. Institutions make students market ready, not just provide theoretical knowledge

Most safe peaceful destination despite cultural diversities

Canada is one of the most culturally diversified and safe countries in the world. Still, everyone respects culture of each other making people from all cultures feel comfortable in their skin.

Student friendly,vibrant and lively campus life

Canada has the highest educated population ratio; and with highest literacy, Canada is student friendly. Most people have been to Colleges & Universities and hence they understand the struggles of an international student. Employers accept & understand this as well, and they are much more open to providing intense training for such candidates.

Earn while you study

The students are allowed to work maximum 20 hours per week while on study permit. This goes up to 40 hours per week during scheduled breaks.

Offers immigration opportunities

After successful completion of studies, students have an option of staying back and working on a PGWP. This open work permit allows them to work for any employer, at any position, in any part of the country.

Due to these advantages, a large number of students applyfor Canada student visa every year.

Requirements for Canada student visa from India

In the past few years, Canada has emerged as the most favorite ‘study abroad destination’ for Indian students.

Canada is not only a student friendly country due to high standards of education at affordable cost and other favorable factors but also for having relatively easier and organized process for the issuance of Canada study visa.

When you apply for student visa Canada, you will be required to obtain study permit Canada and a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

What is a study permit?

Study permit is a document that is issued by Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to foreign students, allowing them to study in Canada.

Although Study permit Canadais not a visa but all students are required to obtain a validstudy permit to get enrolled in designated learning institutions (DLI). This permit is printed at the Airport, when you land in Canada with a letter of introductions, which is issued in home country.

Besides study permit, other eligibility criteria for Canada student visa from India and other countries include:

  • Certificate from police department proving your clean background and no criminal record.
  •  A medical examination conducted from an IRCC approved panel physician.

In addition you will be required to possess:

  • Valid passport
  • Acceptance letter by a designated learning institution
  • Proof of financial ability
  • English Language Proficiency Exam Score
  • Statement of Purpose, or study plan

You will also need a credit card when applying for Canada student visa from India online to payvisa application fee.

To help you obtain a valid Canada Study Visa, you may contact Go4Canada–a team of Licensed Canadian Immigration consultants.

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