Top 4 Tips for Amazing Ecommerce Website Design

Posted by amrina alshaikh on November 24th, 2020

Top 4 Tips for Amazing Ecommerce Website Design

These days, we complete the majority of everyday tasks online- and that includes all kinds of shopping, which is why the coming decade is the best time to be in the eCommerce business.

Importance of website design

Web design is the ultimate tool to attract and retain customers. Outstanding web designs comprise of the right image, colours, fonts and graphics to convince casual visitors to make product purchases. When creating an online shop, business owners should focus on providing a great user experience and increase the brand image of the business.

Business owners can take help of professional website designers when launching their online stores. Here are the top eCommerce web design tips that can catapult your online store to the next level.

1. Keep it Simple

Every ecommerce design process follows the KISS model- Keep it simple, silly! The more elements you add to the page, such as colours, pop-ups and banner ads, the more you are deviating from securing a purchase from the customer.

Customers need to be cleverly guided into making a decision without the heavy clutter. Distraction serves as an impediment to purchasing decisions. When creating your shop online, make sure that the design is clean, clear and simple- and concentrate on the sale.

2. Make branding a priority

People prefer to purchase products from established online brands. They are not inclined to pay for products from sketchy ecommerce sites that give the perception of fraud to the customer.

Serious sales can be achieved by building the trust of first-time visitors to the website. Branding is the key instrument that differentiates your products from the competitor. Online stores can carve a niche market position by building and reinforcing a connection with the audience, particularly the upwardly mobile generation.

3. Think like a website visitor

Potentialcustomers who landed casually on your website have to form a good impression instantly looking at the well designed and navigation friendly website. Putting yourself in the visitor’s shoes enables you to arrive at unique solutions to questions like- What kind of layout will provide simplicity in navigation? How to organize products in a streamlined way and present them to the end-user? How to make the checkout process more simple?

4. Derive benefits from an attractive colour scheme

Choosing the right colour for the website requires an understanding of the effect of colour on human psychology. Colours create a multitude of emotions, feelings and actions from customers-so. If you are launching an online store to convert more leads, then you can deploy colour psychology to increase conversions.

Blue colour indicates credibility as it is a universally loved colour and is used in logos of famous corporate companies. Colour is one of the most powerful instruments in your design palette. Mastering how to use it to your advantage is the key objective for online businesses.

Conclusion: Wrapping things up

Crafting an eCommerce website can be tricky and dynamic. Understanding the customer psyche and purchasing behaviour is vital in designing a new website. An optimal website design ensures that current and future customers integrate a positive impression of your brand in their shopping journey.

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