10 tips for attractive graphic design portfolios

Posted by AllmaJess on April 15th, 2014

Portfolios have the power to help you grab your dream job. However, the power needs to be implemented by you based on the latest needs of the industry. Not all types of portfolios can wave the magic wand and land you your dream job. There are various ingredients that go in the making of attractive and jaw-dropping graphic design portfolios. You not only need to be acquainted with these ingredients but also browse through myriads of graphic design portfolio examples, especially by great artists. This will give you an idea of how portfolios should be prepared.

Several factors are overlooked while creating a portfolio. Some of the most important tips for attractive graphic design portfolios have been elaborated here. Firstly, as a graphic designer, select only the best designs that will make your target employer gape. Secondly, never select the same type of images; rather make sure that each is different from the other. This will help the employer to understand your competency and variety in your art. Several graphic design portfolio examples are at your disposal; review through the best ones to understand the requirements.

Thirdly, steer clear of those complicated layout and navigational schemes. You will surely not want to irritate and drive away your potential employers and clients. Fourthly, graphic design portfolios should be neatly organized and the contents lucidly displayed. A clumsy portfolio with numerous flash animations will add to the woes of your employer. Fifth, the contents of your portfolio should be in sync with each other. If you intend to use background music make sure it plays at the right moment. Look into the graphic design portfolio examples of great artist to get a clear idea. A clear and concise summarization of the ideas to be incorporated can only be assembled from such examples.

Sixth, a potential client will be drawn towards you if you are able to express your views on your work. Specifying in few lines the how’s and why’s of your work is an added advantage over those that has a mere display of innumerable images. Similarly comes the seventh tip for successful graphic design portfolios; include blogs and testimonials. They are the perfect way to communicate with your client on your work of art. Delve into graphic design portfolio examples of others and you will surely get a clear view of what needs to be done.

The eighth point is to incorporate the right theme. Themes play a significant role in making graphic design portfolios noteworthy. Your ninth point lies in demonstrating yourself as an all-rounder. Share your past experiences, the awards you have received, the challenges you have faced so far, other talents you may possess and your success story. Last but not the least; make yourself readily available. Your portfolio should have a proper call to action and contact page so that clients can effortlessly contact you. Never play the game of hide and seek in these matters. A survey of the graphic design portfolio examples of prominent artist should surely be conducted if you are creating a portfolio for the first time.

Build attractive graphic design portfolios with available resources. You can also browse through the graphic design portfolio examples to brighten it more.

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