A Complete Guide to Cremation Jewelry

Posted by Andrew Wilson on November 24th, 2020

We have heard about several types of jewelry but very few of us know about cremation jewelry. Well, what is cremation jewelry? Some of us might say that it is a ritual to wear this jewelry as a memory of our loved ones. While some people will say that it is quite creepy to wear jewelry made from the ashes of our loved ones.

Let's get it straight. Cremation ashes jewelry refers to the jewelry that consists of ashes. The jewelry like bracelets, pendants, etc. can be included in the cremation jewelry. The ashes of humans or pets are incorporated in a diamond. Not only jewelry, but these ashes can also be filled in some casual stones like a paperweight, stained glass, glass vase, etc. Some other things like mens fashion bracelets are also a must-try thing.


Is it Ok to Wear Cremation Jewelry?

Most people think that when the ashes of their loved ones or their pets are close to their heart. This creates a connection or you can say an eternal link between them. So, it provides them inner peace. On the other hand, some people think that it's not logical at all. So, different heads have different opinions. You would be having your own opinion.

However, some people will portray that wearing the cremation jewelry haunts them or they feel discomfort wearing this type of jewelry. But this topic related to cremation jewelry is not so common. Some people hesitate to talk about this jewelry. They think that doing this will not allow the soul of their loved ones or pets to rest in peace. And hence, they ignore the topic. Another reason why people think wearing cremation jewelry is creepy is that people think that if the soul of their loved ones including pets does not get peace then they will be cursed or haunted by them. That is why they feel it quite discomforting to wear cremation jewelry.

Is Cremation Jewelry Related to Fashion?

Well, there are so many things that are related to fashion but follow tradition. However, the cremation ashes jewelry is a great thing that is traditional and looks super cool to wear. We can make our customized set of cremation jewelry. This will look classy and you will have the memories of your loved ones closer to you. This is a trendy thing to wear.

Another classic thing you can put your hands on is the mens fashion bracelets. These are of different types. You can wear any type of bracelet that suits you like leather bracelets, silver bracelets, ID bracelets, etc. These are available in different colors and are in the latest trends.

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