Graphic designers portfolios: Five things you should never do

Posted by alisonreid29 on April 15th, 2014

Graphic designers portfolios are as important as the samples they contain because it says a lot more about the designers, his or her views and attitude. Here we plan to talk about four things you should never do while uploading your portfolio online. I am sure you have seen them yourself but may not have identified their implications in the websites that provide graphic design portfolio examples. After going through the points you would realize their importance and hence will restrain yourself from committing them.

Never too personal

Load your graphic designers portfolios with loads of your sample work but never personal information that are not related to your work. For example, your age is of no impact on the work produce. Even if you are considered the child prodigy among your friends, information about your age can have negative impact on the viewers or your future clients. If you state that you are 20 years old the employer may think you are too young and lack experience. So, if you want to highlight your experience you may write “has been engaged in graphic designing for last 8 years”. Now, you may remember that you saw this information in several provide graphic design portfolio examples, isn’t it? So, keep out the fluff and present solid examples of your work.

Present yourself amateurishly

If you are just out of college and yet to showcase a paid work, you may include your project work in your graphic designers portfolios. But before doing so, judge its merits by comparing it with existing graphic design portfolio examples. It would still be better to take some time out and create some fresh samples that you think can impress the buyers. It can be a small piece of animation, a flash-based graphic design, a logo or a photograph— but be sure it looks professional. You will find many such project work examples that would create a negative impression on the client’s mind.

Limiting your vision

Clients that browse through your graphic designers portfolios not only look for your skill but also for your confidence or lack of it. The market out there is extremely competitive and situations may turn to be rather stressful at times. So, if you limit your goal and vision and never plunge for higher aims, you will not be considered fit for the job. You should not sound hesitant and at the same time self-imposed great: keep a balance between these two. See graphic design portfolio examples to find the ideal things to do. Show your samples with poise with providing hints on your skills and core competence.

Sloppy technical features

You are an expert web designer and know almost all the software that are popular these days. But while designing your graphic designers portfolios should you include all of them? No. Keep the design simple, non-distracting and the navigation simple to follow. Choose the most important section for starting the navigation and then logically add the pages. Graphic design portfolio examples that are attractive are always the simple ones. They are simple in their color schemes, font styles, layout presentation and flow of content.

Graphic designers portfolio are not generic look-alikes. They can be customized to look like the graphic design portfolio examples you see these days.

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