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Posted by sere on November 24th, 2020

Outdoor equipment refers to some equipment that needs to be configured when participating in various adventure tours and outdoor activities. Different outdoor sports have different outdoor equipment.

Nowadays, more and more people join the outdoor family, and outdoor sports such as cycling, mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing, diving are now highly sought after! However, for outdoor travel, especially for survival in the wild, it is essential to prepare strategies and bring good outdoor equipment in advance! So what is the outdoor equipment list?

Outdoor basic equipment

1. a sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are basic outdoor equipment. When purchasing, pay attention to the comfort of sleeping bags, consider the material and shape of the insulating layer, and it is best to consider the weather conditions in the camping area before choosing.

2. Tent

A tent is an essential outdoor equipment for camping in the wild. You need to consider the season when purchasing. The tent suitable for spring, summer and autumn should be rainproof, breathable and windproof, and for the four seasons or alpine tents should be windproof and warm.

3. Moisture-proof pad

Moisture-proof pads are outdoor equipment used to insulate moisture on the ground. Self-inflating pads are more comfortable and smaller in size but larger in weight; foam pads are slightly less comfortable, larger in size, but light in weight and low in price.

4. Outdoor bag

There are many items to be brought for outdoor travel, and outdoor hiking bags must be equipped. Outdoor bags should be selected according to the type of exercise and the number of days of travel.

5. Outdoor clothing

Outdoor clothing is also a kind of outdoor equipment. Outdoor clothing should choose waterproof, breathable, colorful, and humanized products.

6. Lighting equipment

There are no electric lights in the field, so outdoor lighting equipment is necessary outdoor equipment. A good headlight usually meets the requirements in most situations. The choice of headlights is based on reliable lighting performance.

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