monster health now has commas in the numbers with cheap d3 gold

Posted by letusgame on April 16th, 2014

Cosmetic Undocumented Changes

1. The text for monster health now has commas in the numbers, making them easier to read.
2. There are new Paragon Level portraits every 100 levels, starting at level 200 and going up to level 800. The new portraits mainly add stars diablo3 gold around the character icon.
3. Once a Pool of Reflection has been used, it no longer shows as active on the minimap.
4. An improvement that makes it much easier for players doing the Reset Quests option, to replay through the Campaign Mode: quests that haven't been played yet are now a different color than completed quests. This makes it easy to see which quests still need to be done, to be eligible to use Reset Quests.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where game objects were prioritized over chat links in the chat window.
2. Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to click on chat links at the bottom of the chat window.
At present, a high percentage of the items used at level 70 are Rare. Those come from drops or from players crafting up items to replace old gear after they reach level 70. These include crafts from the Sovereign Ascended and other recipes. The percentage of equipped items that are Rare will drop over time, as more of those slots are instead filled with the new Loot 2.0 Legendary and Set items.

The Legendary and Set items in these charts come in three different editions:

1. The standard Legendary and Set items are the ones that drop now in Diablo III, since Patch 2.0 arrived. These make up the vast majority of the most popular items at level 70.
2. The (Legacy) Legendary and Set items are no longer available, but dropped before patch 2.0. A handful of those older items from level 60 are still useful even at level 70, and they show up in the charts.
3. The (Old Legacy) Legendary and Set items are very old, as they only dropped prior to Diablo III PC patch 1.0.4. These can be seen d3 gold in very low percentages in some of the Demon Hunter Best Items charts, a handful of items from the Demon Hunter Set in that era, which provided a powerful 4-piece set bonus.

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