Best Employee Training Opportunities to Enhance Organizational Revenue

Posted by HMI Corporation on November 24th, 2020

Healthcare organizations have many opportunities to train employees and enhance organizational revenue.
By taking advantage of these opportunities, healthcare organizations can significantly improve their bottom line.
From lean healthcare workshops to continuing education programs to other professional training systems, employee training opportunities can enhance organizational revenue in various ways.
Today, we’re exploring some of the best employee training opportunities for small and large healthcare organizations.

Lean Healthcare Workshops

Lean healthcare workshops can singlehandedly change an organization’s bottom line. The idea of running a lean organization is nothing new in and out of healthcare – but healthcare organizations across the country are increasingly taking advantage of lean healthcare workshops to implement new techniques, philosophies, and management systems.
Some of the topics covered in a lean healthcare workshop include:
• An overview of lean healthcare practices, philosophies, and systems and how they work
• How all elements of a healthcare organization work together to create a lean organization
• Specific examples of healthcare organizations successfully implementing lean practices to rejuvenate operations
• How to identify core problems at a healthcare organization, including specific trouble spots that can benefit from a lean healthcare philosophy
By scheduling a lean healthcare workshop, organizations can discover the best practices modern organizations are using to maximize revenue while minimizing losses.

Positive Work Environment Workshops

Many healthcare organizations recognize the importance of employee revenue training and employee certifications.
However, many organizations overlook another crucial aspect of patient care: a quality work environment, good employee relationships, and a good work-life balance.
Employee turnover is a significant expense for healthcare organizations. According to Employee Benefits News, employee turnover costs a company approximately ,000 per employee who makes an average salary of ,000. For employees who make a higher salary, the cost of employee turnover is much higher.
The top reasons employees leave a healthcare organization are:
• Career development, and an inability to grow or expand their skills at their current employee
• Work-life balance, particularly among younger adults or parents
• Management behavior, including the way managers treat employees and the things employees expect from managers
By addressing these areas, healthcare organizations are better able to attract and retain talent.
One of the best ways to address these areas is with employee training and workshops. Available training programs include:
Stress Management Workshops: Some employers invest in stress management workshops. These workshops explain how to reduce emotional exhaustion, manage stress, manage anger, and encourage positive thinking. By clarifying goals and team roles, these workshops can prevent employees from suffering negative consequences related to their work.
Employee Training Investments: Employees like to feel valued. They like to feel an employer has invested into their careers and development. It makes an employee less likely to leave. A growing number of healthcare organizations fund employee training, specialization, and certification programs. By investing in a healthcare employee, you get a better employee who is less likely to leave.
Work-Life Balance Initiatives: Work-life balance initiatives promote employee loyalty, making it less likely for skilled talent to leave for competing organizations.

Computer-based Training Modules

Healthcare is more computerized than it’s ever been before – yet many hospitals continue to use aging infrastructure.
Hospitals with aging infrastructure risk being left behind. As competitors invest in employee training initiatives and big technology, some organizations risk dropping behind their competitors.
Offer computer-based training modules to employees. Make sure employees understand how to use – and maximize the benefits of – healthcare technology. Take advantage of big data. Give tablets to patients.
There’s more healthcare technology available today than ever before, and it’s impossible for an organization to utilize all of it – but the sooner your organization invests in healthcare technology training initiatives, the more successful the organization will be in the long run.

Final Word

The health system offers thousands of training courses each year. Some of these courses are mandatory to maintain certification. Others are optional.
By emphasizing the right healthcare training programs, organizations can succeed, grow revenue, and retain talent.

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