An Offshore Medical Billing Partner Can Complement Your Billing Services

Posted by Ecareindia on April 16th, 2014

Outsourcing medical billing has become more prevalent these days in the US healthcare space. Evidently, we see many competitive medical claims processing companies being managed successfully in the US. Most of them provide Healthcare Facilities and Providers with exceptional medical billing services without compromising on the security factors. Medical claims processing can be enhanced with support from offshore medical billing. However, most US-based medical claims processing companies are hesitant about outsourcing medical billing to offshore vendors mainly due to security concerns. The following factors will prove that offshore medical billing companies in general are trustworthy and have comparable security measures:

Exceptional Service: Like US based outsourced medical billing companies, offshore medical billing companies are also well equipped to provide uncompromised services. They perform almost all back office work, except for paper claims transfer and coordination of care, which would be too costly to handle from offshore.

Cost and Time Efficiency: Many US medical billing companies are concerned that they would lose a huge sum by outsourcing medical billing to offshore vendors. It is a misconception, as offshore medical billing can only save money. In addition, US medical billing companies can save time. Some of them can deliver the output to their end-customers even before the stipulated TAT, if they outsource to medical billing companies in India. The optimal time difference of between 9 – 12 hours between India and US is the reason for this quick delivery.

Compliance Factors: US medical billing companies need not worry about the compliance pitfalls of offshore vendors as most of them already have updated to the latest compliance requirements. Right from HIPAA 5010 format adoption to getting ready for ICD-10 implementation (though now delayed by over a year), offshore medical billing companies are making every single effort to stay compliant to the latest standards.

Security Concerns: Last but not the least, the security factor tops the priority list of most offshore medical billing companies. They take several security measure which include:

· The usage of secure FTP for document transfer and impenetrable firewall, in addition to email encryption ensure the security of confidential patient data.

· Today, many offshore medical billing companies sign a confidentiality agreement and HIPAA compliance BAA document updated as per the recent changes in the HITECH Act with the US billing companies.

· Providing biometric access and access cards ensure a secured double validation access to the work floors.

· Data breach is avoided by restricting the access to server and internet/email with unique logins and passwords. Restricted ‘sender’ lists pertaining only to the projects handled.

· Safe data transmission is made certain by securing VPN tunnels.

· Some special security measures include CCTV monitoring of the workplace, complete ban on the usage of camera and internet enabled cell phones in the workplace and automatic screen lock when systems are not in use for more than 2 minutes.

These factors verify the fact that most offshore medical billing companies are highly reliable. US medical billing companies can outsource their medical claims processing services without hesitation. One of the reputed offshore vendors that has all the aforementioned security and other measures in place is e-care.

About e-care India:

e-care India promises the above mentioned benefits with total customer satisfaction. With 14 years of experience in the industry, e-care’s 3 offshore medical billing delivery centers have been providing end-to-end medical claims processing services seamlessly to its clients. To know more about e-care and its services, log on to

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