Online Reputation Management: Itís Role In Business Today

Posted by rohit sharma on November 24th, 2020

There has been a drastic change in the role internet plays today. From being a passive observer to becoming an active voice, consumers and users have facilitated a big change. So much so that even businesses with a virtual presence have had to upgrade their websites. They are no longer static brochures. They need user generated content to survive. Interactions on social networks have become critical to the success of e-commerce. Maintaining transparency has become a key commandment. Thus opening up to criticisms and feedback from their audience is now the new norm.

But companies need to be careful about being transparent. They need to know the optimum level of transparency that needs to be maintained. Unfortunately, not many know this and fail in trying to be open and radically transparent. They have to pay a price in the form of bad online reputation. This can be so debilitating that it can even cause businesses to close down. To avoid all of this there is a need to avail professional online reputation management services in India.

What is good online management?

It is not just about reacting to criticism in a positive way. It is so much more than that. Sometimes there is no need to react at all. Yet at other times a delayed reaction can cost a company dearly.

Thus good online reputation management or ORM is all about:

  • Taking a proactive approach,
  • Monitoring online reputation regularly,
  • Processing the data obtained and
  • Understanding how what is being said affects the company reputation.

Need for good ORM

Obtaining the services of a good SEO company in Delhi is the need of the hour. Because there are two types of negativity that can potentially harm a company’s reputation. They are:

  • Social media complaints: They are harmless, if handled properly by addressing the core immediately and to the consumer’s satisfaction.
  • Negative campaign of online reputation: These are bombs that can severely damage the reputation, sales and revenue of a company. They are very powerful as they gain prominence in search engine results. Thus the effects are long-lasting. A negativity campaign can be run in 3 different ways:

o   Negative reviews: Consumers express negative reviews of a brand. There are many online platforms available wherein customers can vent out their grievances in the most harmful manner.

o   Hate websites: This is taking the negativity a notch higher. Consumers create ad hoc websites where they insult the brand, provide false information about it and also post illegal content.

o   Negative media: Unfavourable media coverage tends to have a crippling effect on the company.

These negativities need professional handling. Availing online reputation management services in India from professional SEO companies is the best solution. They help undo the damages and restore the reputation of a company by:

  • Aggressive SEO,
  • Review removal and
  • Online investigations.

Thus getting help from a good SEO company in Delhi is crucial in this scenario. They will help to ensure that no negativity is generated against their client brand. If, despite their best efforts, such a thing happens, they have the means to reverse the effect. Thus the company suffers minimal adverse effects.

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