Experienced Family Mediators Deal With Sensitive Family Disputes

Posted by Surreymediationservice on April 16th, 2014

Family has always been an important part of our life when we are growing up. This is so because no matter what the circumstances, your family will never leave your side. But as we grow older we grow apart and carry on in our separate lives. While some families stay connected even after living in separate places most families break up and meet and catch up only on holidays. If you look closely at today’s family scenario, you will find that even though the disagreements have seeped into the family bonds the love is still intact. All this is a result of non- communication. When people go on without communicating with each other for long intervals it gives rise to doubts and suspicions which lead to bonds getting weaker within the family. After a while, members end up arguing and fighting over family matters which lead to dispute. This is where mediators come into play. Family mediators are people who work at the family mediation centre and provide services to families that are dealing with sensitive issues like disputes over property, custody of a child or elderly care.

Mediators are people who act as a neutral third party between the disputants. The services provided by the mediator is that of a person who listens to both sides of the story and makes the disputants understand the situation and come up with a solution on their own. The mediator in no way is a counsellor or therapist. Their sole aim is to make the disputants see the situation from the other side and come to terms which are favourable for all the disputants. Whether it is mediating between the siblings fighting over property or sharing the elderly care of their parents or it is separated or recently divorced parents coming to terms with sharing child support, mediators are people who help disputants take control of the situation and draw out the terms for agreement. Since the disputants need to agree and come to terms with their by discussing facts in front of the mediator, they are more likely to be happy about the results of the meeting. Family mediators at family mediation centres are a great way of solving family disputes in an amicable way because the presence of a neutral third party diffuses a steamy situation and the disputants are able to talk freely about their concerns and worries leaving no room for any miscommunication. This sometimes even clears up previous doubts and suspicions making the family issues easier to deal with.

About the Surrey Mediation Service:
Surrey Mediation Service was founded in July 2010 and in March 2013 was absorbed into Mediate UK Ltd, a private limited company, specializing in various mediation services and registered in England. Surrey Mediation Service provides great value mediation service to all those people who are not eligible for legal aid, but could not afford to spend thousands on legal fees in their dispute.

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