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Posted by phohalong on November 25th, 2020

So, what is the first thing you do after ordering pho at your favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Victoria? You take a bit of fish sauce and drizzle it over the broth to enhance its taste. It is not even just about pho. Fish sauce is a must-have condiment or addition in a wide variety of Vietnamese dishes. And, here are a couple of interesting facts to enrich your knowledge about fish sauce.

The origin of the fish sauce

The origin of the fish sauce in Vietnam dates way back to the ancient times, when it was a primary source of protein. The early fishing boats did not have the ability to venture out into the deep ocean for catching bigger fish for more meat. Rather than that, they used to remain close to the shore and catch small fish. It led to the discovery that they can create a richer protein source by simply layering the small fishes in the barrels with a bit of salt. The sauce has become an integral part of the cuisine since then.

The unique features of the fish sauce

The fishy smell and the salty flavor are both unique features of the fish sauce. Another interesting feature of the sauce is that it completely loses the fishy smell when you mix it with other ingredients. In Vietnamese cuisine, the fish sauce is commonly utilized for cooking, as well as dipping seafood and other delicacies. The addition of fish sauce to pho before eating is a common practice, as well.

Production process and ingredients

Good quality fish sauce can only be made from fresh small fish that is clear in color and good to smell. In the country, fish sauce enjoys quite the popularity and it can have all kinds of mixtures depending on the liquid of fermented, salted fish. It starts with putting salt and small fishes in wooden boxes for fermentation. Afterward, it gets pressed slowly to take out that fishy, salty liquid.

The liquid that comes out is highly pungent and strong-flavored. Different batches of fish sauce look different based on the color. The liquid gets mixed with salt, following the traditional Vietnamese process. At the time of the fishing season of the year, fermentation is made to start. The liquid is derived after three months of the fish remaining in the barrel. The smell of the fish sauce becomes better after spending six months under the sunlight.

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