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Posted by JulyRed on April 17th, 2014

 Photoshop CC is an upgraded edition Adobe’s photo editing tool, the most multifarious and most functional of its kind. For photo editing and web designing professionals, Adobe Photoshop has always been the gold standard and the publishers have equipped the latest version with more intelligent functional add-ons. EMS Internet reviews describe the novel features of this advanced photo editing software for photo editing trainees and business owners who want to know how cutting-edge software programs can serve their specific business purposes. Designers at EMS were among the lighthouse adopters of this upgraded version of Photoshop and they decided to share their experience with millions of readers and photo-editing enthusiasts. EMS Internet is one of the most sought-after digital agencies in the UK having their forte in website design and development, search site promotion, ecommerce web development etc. Reading EMS reviews on Photoshop CC would help you better understand the salient features of this advanced software application. What’s new in Photoshop CC? Let’s explore here.

Image size has become smaller

Only web designers who have gone through the thick and thin know the pain of image resizing, which is a basic first step for incorporating edited images in web graphics. Photoshop CC has made it easier for web designers to resize, crop and compress images. Earlier, low resolution images would fall apart during the process of resizing. But with the new Photoshop CC in place, image resizing is no more a problem for the web designers and photo editing pros out there. Up-sampling and down-sampling also becomes easier with the use of Photoshop CC.

Camera Shake Reduction

The Camera Shake Reduction feature, as EMS Internet reviews and reviews on other sites claim, is the most astonishing addition to the newest version of Photoshop. With Photoshop CC installed on your PC, you can easily sharpen the areas that need a little bit of retouching. The blurs and hazy outlines that happen as a result of camera shake can be completely eliminated with the use of the Photoshop CC. All you need to do is to wait for the dialogue box to open and essential tools and instructions are almost instantly arrayed at your fingertips. 

Using Camera Raw

In the new Photoshop CC, it’s quite easy to adjust both horizontal and vertical elements and manipulating various other elements of the raw images. The new version allows the web designers at EMS to use the Camera Raw enhancements, which is quite important for their job. In many ways, the new Photoshop is a way better version of the earlier versions.

To explore more about this cutting-edge software application, you need to read reviews written by experts who have hands-on experience of using this software program. EMS Internet testimonials and reviews reflect what professionals are thinking about the new version. Are the new features a welcome change for them? Or the earlier versions of Photoshop are what they are more comfortable with? To know what the designer/developer fraternity is thinking about this upgrade, you need to read reviews by visiting the EMS website.

Read EMS Internet reviews to receive latest information on cutting-edge web development tools and applications stratight from the designers/developers. EMS Internet is one of the best ecommerce web development solutions provider in the UK.

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