Lifting Injuries In The Workplace What You Can Do

Posted by GKS Law Firm on November 25th, 2020

Most workplaces often require heavy lifting. Even desk jobs will require lifting heavy boxes and documents from time to time. Those who work in construction industries might also find themselves doing a lot of heavy lifting.

This leads to the appearance of lifting injuries. According to reports, lifting is one of the most common causes of injuries. About 36% of injuries that happen in the workplace are lifting injuries. Some of the most common injuries brought about by heavy lifting are back sprains, pulled muscles, wrist injuries, spinal injuries, and elbow injuries.

There are a lot of ways to avoid sustaining lifting injury in Surrey. Companies can hire or buy forklifts to carry heavy boxes. You can train your staff to drive and handle a forklift. This makes way for safer lifting in the workplace. Using the right moving tools such as pallet jackets, ramps, and lift gates can help.

Workers should also be educated on the right ways to lift heavy objects. This involves usually the power area, which is the area close to the center of your gravity. Avoid putting all the weight of the object on your legs and knees. Bend your knees to distribute the weight. Don’t bend down at the waist.

These are the things that you can do to recover faster from your lifting injuries:

  1. Take a break

You need to rest the injury in Surrey. The more you use it, the more it will get damaged. Besides, most lifting injuries will cause pain, so you need to take a break from work and rest for a few days or weeks until you have completely healed. Avoid doing anything strenuous while recovering.

  1. Put ice on it

Icing helps in minimizing pain and inflammation. Inflammation slows down healing because it stops the blood from flowing to the injured area. You need to have good blood circulation so that the oxygen from the bloodstream will go to the injuries and naturally heal them.

It’s best to use ice during the first 24 hours following your injury in Surrey. After that, you can switch to heat therapy to encourage better circulation.

  1. Compression can help

If the area can be compressed, utilize this method. Injury in Surrey to the knees, foot, elbows, and arms can be compressed with the help of compression devices like socks and armbands. This will help stabilize the areas to make way for faster healing.

If you have a lifting injury in Surrey that happened in the workplace, make sure you get proper compensation for all your losses. You won’t be able to work for a while, and this can lead to wage losses and an inability to provide for your family. Let GKS Law Firm help you in getting the compensation that you deserve.

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