Steps of picking a lock

Posted by JulyRed on April 17th, 2014

If you are locked out of your house or you have lost your key, you can easily pick the lock following easy steps. Before you pay a locksmith or kick the door, consider picking the lock on your own. If you are in Wirral and a Locksmith Wirral expert or company is not readily available, you can open the lock on your own using a pick or a wrench. Most locks around the home or office are simple locks and can be easily picked. Locksmiths Wirral tools and techniques can be applied to help you pick a lock easily and quickly. Even though the process is easy and can be easily mastered with practice, picking locks require patience.

The first step in picking locks is to understand how your lock works or the type of lock you are dealing with. There are many different types of locks in the world. The most common type of locked that can be picked by anyone even Locksmith Wirral expert is the pin-and-tumbler lock. This type of lock can rotate within its housing. When this type of lock is locked, the cylinder remains in place by several pair of pins. The pin at the top or each pair protrudes into both the cylinder and the housing and prevents the cylinder from turning. The next step is to purchase a pick and tension wrench. Each pick is made special for a different problem. A tension wrench or torque wrench is the tool that can be used to apply pressure to turn the lock cylinder. Professional picks and wrenches can be purchased from locksmith shops such as Locksmiths Wirral shops. If you are a good lock picking artist then you can make a wrench or a pick on your own.

The next step is to place the wrench into the lower portion of the keyhole. After this, you now determine which way the cylinder must be turned to unlock the lock. If you commonly use the lock, then you probably already know the direction in which the lock opens. If you do not know then you can use the tension wrench to apply torque to the cylinder. Locksmith Wirral tips may be important to make the work easier and unlock easily. The torque should be turned in clockwise and anticlockwise directions until you find the right direction to unlock the lock. Locksmiths Wirral experts are not needed unless the lock is complex.

Next is to apply light torque to the tension wrench in the correct direction and then hold. The required torque will vary from lock to lock and from pin to pin and so when purchasing it from Locksmith Wirral stores, it is advisable to test it. The next step is to insert the pick into the upper part of the keyhole and feel the pins. When the pick is in the whole, try to push the pins up. Repeat this until all the pins are pushed up. Use the tension wrench to turn the cylinder and unlock the door. If all these steps are not easily to follow or you do not understand them then you can get professional help from Locksmiths Wirral companies.

You do not need Locksmith Wirral expert to help you unlock a door with a simple lock. If you cannot follow steps on how to unlock a lock on your own, you can seek the professional services of Locksmiths Wirral.

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