How to pick a lock with a paper clip

Posted by JulyRed on April 17th, 2014

When you think about a paper clip, all that comes to mind is clipping papers together. The truth is a paper clip has many more sues than just clipping papers. Even though it is small, it can be used effectively to pick locks. If you are in a fix with a lock, you can pick it using a paper clip. Locksmiths Wirral stores do give free clips in case you cannot easily find one. The process of picking a lock using a clip requires patience. There are simple steps to be followed when picking locks using a paper clip. Locksmiths Birkenhead expertise can be sought if you are around the area but is not necessary.

When picking a lock using a paper clip, you will require two big paper clips, a pair of pliers and a lock. Two clips are needed just in case one breaks. The pair of pliers is needed for bending out the paper clip. The first step is to bend out the two paper clips. To do this, you need to bend the top inch back towards the end so that you can make a pressure pin. This is where the pair of pliers comes in. Locksmiths Wirral stores have good pliers for bending clips and they even show you how to. If you cannot access the stores, then you can bend it on your own because it is a simple process. The next step is to make one of the pins to have its top inch with a ninety degree angle while the other one with a raked inch head. Locksmiths Birkenhead companies sometimes have pins which have already been bent and raked and are bough at affordable rates. They can be bought in advance and used during an emergency.

The next step is inserting the two pins to start unlocking the lock. The raked pin goes in the clock first. You need to move the raked pin back and forth to push some of the pins down into the raked parts of the lock. This allows the raked pin and the raked sections of the lock to intertwine just like a key would. If you are in Wirral then you can call Locksmiths Wirral stores to get assistance in case you are stuck or do not understand how it is done. However, the process is simple and can be accomplished by anyone just as good as Locksmiths Birkenhead experts would.

The last step is inserting the pressure pin with the ninety degree angle head. The pin is placed on top of the raked pin. You have to turn the pin left and right or side by side until you find out which way it needs to go to unlock the lock. This step has to be repeated until you determine which side it should go and the lock will open. If the first attempt does not work do not be in a hurry to call Locksmiths Wirral companies. Keep trying until the lock opens. If these steps are followed to the latter, the lock should open if it is a simple lock. If it doesn’t work or the lock is complex then you can seek the expertise of Locksmiths such as Locksmiths Birkenhead.

Simple locks can be picked easily without the expertise of Locksmiths Wirral help. When the lock is complex you may need the help of Locksmiths such as Locksmiths Birkenhead

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