Steps of picking a lock with household items

Posted by JulyRed on April 17th, 2014

People find themselves in bad situations with locks once in a while. You can leave the house in a hurry and lock your keys inside the house. Sometimes you may forget your home keys at the office. Regardless of the situation, you can easily find your way around the locks and get access to your house, office or car using simple household items. If you are in Birkenhead, you do not need an expert for these simple locks. Locksmith Birkenhead stores can offer advice on how to pick locks at home. You can also follow simple steps to pick the lock with household items. Locksmiths Birkenhead manuals can also help you pick locks easily with household items.

The first step in picking locks using household items is approaching your lock and assessing what household tools you may need. Locks are different in types and complexity. Some locks may be picked using simple household tools while others need more advanced tools. The purpose of locks is to keep the door closed but to still allow easy opening when necessary. Locksmith Birkenhead companies provide locksmiths services which may be expensive and therefore it is easier and cheaper to try and pick the locks on your own. The ability to pick locks on your own has been possible by lock manufacturers build locks into doors and make them easy to pick in case of emergencies. Locksmiths Birkenhead are always quick to offer their services to residents of the area in case of any issues with locks even when the lock picking can be done by an individual without the expertise of an experienced locksmith. As long as you follow these simple steps, picking locks using household items is so easy and affordable.

If it is a simple doorknob-style lock which has a push button then the household items that can be used are hair pins, paper clips or similar objects. If you are using a paper clip then you can push the top inch of the clip in the hole of the lock or knob either on the front or side of the knob. In case you are stuck the Locksmith Birkenhead expert is always readily available to help if you are in Birkenhead area. If the lock is the turn-style knob lock then a hair pin which is flat sided can be used in unlocking. If doesn’t open then you can use the Locksmiths Birkenhead expertise to give you more ideas on how to go about it.

Pins are not the only household items that can be used in unlocking doors or cabinets. There are other several items such as knives and screw drivers that can be used. If you are in a fix and you cannot readily get Locksmith Birkenhead help then you can follow the steps discussed above to unlock your door. If you are picking someone’s lock, you need to seek for permission first. They may prefer the help of a Locksmith such as Locksmiths Birkenhead expertise rather than yours.

Locksmith Birkenhead can give advice on how to pick locks using household items. Permission is needed when picking someone’s lock because they may prefer the expertise of Locksmiths Birkenhead.

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