Web Or Mobile To Market A Business? Which One Is More Effective?

Posted by amrina alshaikh on November 26th, 2020

Web Or Mobile To Market A Business? Which One Is More Effective?

Ecommerce is currently the best way to transact. Not only for customers purchasing products and services from businesses. But also businesses are transacting with other businesses. Embracing an online commercial activity practice eliminates so many issues. Transportation, physical contact, travel, health, time, energy costs – all of this can be eliminated. As the world goes more and more into electronic cash payments, the need for physical currency is diminishing. Soon currency notes and coins could phase away. E-cash payments will become mandatory.

So in this context, traders, shop owners, Kirana stores need to raise their game. They need to have an online presence, and a pretty effective one, as soon as possible. Often the confusion points out to which medium is better – web or mobile?

Purchasing via mobile apps is growing exponentially

A recent survey suggested that more than 70% of people are using mobile phones to transact. This statistic suggests that most people prefer mobile phones to purchase products and services. So a mobile app is more favorable than a web app. However, there are people who tend to feel more comfortable opening their laptops or desktops to open up a website, and then make a purchase. But given the sheer number of mobile users and their habits, it is better off to build a mobile based online presence.

Cost and timeline

Usually, cost and time to develop a mobile application are higher, considering that the applications have to be compatible with ios and android. Rather than building a mobile app in-house, it is better to engage with a digital agency that can build custom mobile solutions. An even better alternative is Whatsapp business, which can connect with existing or prospective customers and easily make sales.

Personalized user experience

Both web and mobile provide a personalized user experience. This could be in the form of coupons, exclusive ads, scratch cards, etc. The UI/UX requirement for both mediums is the same. However, mobile sites have to be highly responsive, considering the screen dimension restraints. Poor UX can lead to a decline in mobile app usage and eventually erode the customer base. So UX should always top the list and should never be an afterthought. Using WhatsApp for business eliminates all the costs required for UI/UX. As WhatsApp is already an established platform, using its infrastructure to conduct business is not only cost-effective but time-effective and impactful.

Offline user experience

Mobile applications are equipped with offline storage capability. Unlike web applications accessed via laptop or desktop, unless the web app provides online storage, data can only be accessed on the internet. In a mobile app, data can be stored on the smartphone and accessed offline to perform various data sanitization checks, analytics, etc.


Considering the immense potential that eCommerce holds, it is the best way to go forward for small businesses, retailers, kirana stores to increase their business and dream of the big league and big bucks. Starting off with a WhatsApp based store is the right step in the right direction.

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