5 Fun Year-End Awards for Your Team

Posted by Successories on November 26th, 2020

Who doesn’t love receiving an award? From celebrities to everyday people, award shows are a way to show appreciation for people that have done something better than anyone else. Does your company do year-end awards? It’s a fun way to engage with the team and can help motivate them to keep striving for greatness next year. Here are five fun ideas to try with your team. Whether you’re working in-person or virtually, everyone will have a blast.

The First One in and Last One Out

There’s a special type of person that gets a rush from being the first person in the office and the last one out. While everyone else is still fighting morning traffic, they’ve already fired up the coffee maker. The same is true for virtual employees that log on early and log off late every day. They’re dedicated, so give them appreciation gifts for their hard work.

Rookie of the Year

Starting a new job can be a big challenge. No matter the role or the person’s experience, it’s always great to see someone relatively new on the team make waves and crush goals within their first few months. If there’s someone new on your team that has been raising the bar ever since they started, name them the Rookie of the Year.

The Songbird Award

There’s always one person on the team who can’t help but sing or hum even if they don’t think anyone can hear. Their songs uplift and brighten everyone’s days. If you have someone like that on your team, name them the winner of the songbird award.

Most Likely to Be in a Meeting

Some roles are fairly independent and don’t require much collaboration. For others, it seems like their top job is to be in every possible meeting. Their calendar is always full, and it’s a special day if you can find a spare five minutes of their time. These busy bees deserve executive gifts during your award ceremony, but if they’re in a different meeting, you might need to get it to them later!

The Caffeine Connoisseur

Know someone who always has a cup of coffee in their hand? They can tell you the difference between not only different roasts but also coffee bean regions as well, and they’re always up for a coffee break. Gift them a special mug with their name on it, and they’ll think of the team whenever they pour their next cup of joe.

These are just a few ideas. Every team is different, so try and think about the things that make each member special and come up with an award for them. Host the award show either in the office or virtually, and it’s a fun way to close out another successful year.

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