What Is CAD And How Do I Find The Right CAD Software?

Posted by LouisWillis on November 26th, 2020


Not only the automotive industry benefits from CAD software, but also numerous other industries. In this article, we explain exactly what CAD software is, what it does and whether you will need CAD knowledge in your profession in the future.

CAD as the standard in construction

CAD software has completely changed design over the past 30 years. While you used to go to a meeting with an idea on a piece of paper, jointly consider how an idea could be implemented, create an initial sketch and then pass this data on to the designer for implementation, today designers can Include the idea with the requirements of the component directly in the CAD system. A first proposal can then be presented and discussed in the meeting. Without computer-aided solutions it would be almost impossible today to create the required parts in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of a CAD software

Computer-aided design makes construction, be it that of cars, machines or buildings, significantly more efficient and less prone to errors. The main advantages of CAD are:

Time savings when creating drawings suitable for production: With CAD software, changes to a drawing can be changed and documented much faster.

Minimization of errors: Errors in construction are minimized.

Cost savings: The entire process chain in construction runs significantly faster and therefore more cost-effectively thanks to the use of CAD software.

Lean Production: The realistic drafts allow leaner production, because optimization potential is already recognized in the drawing and not just on the finished model.

Simple documentation: important dimensions, parts lists and construction data are recorded and documented directly on the PC.

Easier re-usability: Proven best practices can be reused and further developed in the CAD system with little effort.

Which CAD system should I use?

This selection of different CAD programs is only a tiny excerpt from the software available on the market. So if you're wondering which CAD program to choose, that's very understandable.

CAD Programs

If you are interested in a CAD system, you should first clarify for what purpose you need it. If the software is used in an architecture office, for example, it makes sense to choose a CAD system with the appropriate construction software. This contains tools and parts libraries with the most important components that an architect regularly needs. A carpenter, on the other hand, works with different tools and should therefore opt for a different program. The selection of the right CAD system depends very much on the respective industry.

How do I learn CAD drawing?

As soon as you have decided on a CAD system, it is a matter of learning the functions quickly in order to be able to use the software as efficiently as possible. But how do you, as a beginner, learn to design with the CAD system, and how can you, as a company, train your employees more quickly in a new version so that the CAD program brings the desired process acceleration?

In order to be able to create your first CAD design, you need the relevant information and work practice. Use the following options, for example, to deepen basic CAD knowledge: Online forums, Specialist reading, CAD workshops.

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