New to Ecommerce Selling? Learn These Basic Strategies for Enhancing Your Order

Posted by Quick Shift on November 26th, 2020

The internet is a crazy thing, in the right way. Who would have thought that shopping a diverse variety of products, bet it clothes or even grocery, can one day be possible online? And as much as it’s beneficial to the customers, it’s a lot more revolutionary to the people owning the business. Not only is it less cumbersome to manage all the trades, but also it contributes to more reach and hence, profit. Long story short, selling products has never been this easy.

Although anyone can switch to digitalizing their business and coming to e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, not everyone can achieve it effectively; Unless you upgrade your order fulfillment process to the next level.

With Quickshift as your 3PL logistics provider, you can avail of the best ecommerce fulfillment services in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, etc. at reasonable prices to gear up your business.


Order Fulfillment, in the simplest of the words, refers to the procedure of accepting orders online, preparing them for dispatch in the warehouses, and shipping them to the customers whilst keeping the latter notified the entire time. Having a definite approach towards whilst fulfilling orders is imperative to prevent yourself from misplacing orders or finding it hard to meet the demands.

If you’re new to e-commerce and have less to no idea regarding the order fulfillment procedure, given below are some of the basic strategies that will help you keep up with the pace and the trend.


The first and the foremost thing you need to do is hire a warehouse fulfillment service for handling the load of orders you’ll be getting from every corner of the world. Warehouses are storage areas where all your inventory is kept, and products are prepared for shipments. Without an efficient warehouse fulfillment service, it is almost impossible to tackle piles of packages without mixing or losing them.

Also, whilst choosing a warehouse, make sure its location is not too far from that of the sellers or outside the city, compromising with the last-mile fulfillment services.


Another crucial element in your order fulfillment procedure that demands attention is your inventory. Finding a bigger room is not enough for the orders. What’s equally important is learning to manage them intelligently. For example: storing the products that are more in demand in the front-side of the warehouse whilst the out-of-season ones, in the rear. Classify the inventory for getting a clearer picture of which item is kept where.

When you avail e-commerce fulfillment services in Mumbai or anywhere in India from Quickshift, we make sure that your inventory is stored using smart Order Management Systems (OMS). They not only reduce the decision making of the warehouse workers but also make the entire process automatic and intelligent as per your requirements.


The new-comers often tend to forget about improving their fleet and spend all their dimes on managing inventory and renting warehouses. But one must always keep in mind to reserve greens for improving their fleet as well. Hiring the best fleet management service in India will impact your business in a highly positive way since a systematic and faster fleet results in optimized deliverability. And the latter leads to satisfying customers, which directly helps you grow more.

With the help of fleet management systems, you can keep track of the health-checkups of your vehicles, any mechanical service they need shortly, fuel efficiency, etc. By maintaining your fleet well, you can increase their output efficiency, hence better the last-mile fulfillment service for the customers.


Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. If you have ordered something online, wouldn’t you want to track the shipment every once in a while? Likewise, a great deal of positive response comes from your customers when you let them know where their parcel is and are available for them 24/7. With Quickshift providing fleet management services in India, you don’t have to worry about your customers since our system keeps track of the fleet and notified the customers at every step of the fulfillment procedure.


In a nutshell, the four basic things you need to focus on for enhancing the order fulfillment procedure are- the warehouse, the inventory, the fleet, and the customers. By integrating all four of these, you can easily accomplish your business targets and retain old customers because of top-quality services. Moreover, boosted deliverability will not only help you find new customers but also make the order fulfillment procedure less burdening on you. No more writing down every single detail of each product, or manually packaging orders. With automation in the entire process, you will change the definition of trading online.

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