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Posted by Ilija Stevanovic on November 26th, 2020

Alexandria, VA (November 2020) – Elin Fitness Redefined is a respectable fitness studio whose team of certified trainers help their clients reach the best body shape. The body perfection is achieved with the guidance of Mr. Elin Kanchev the founder and CEO of this studio whose life story is the real embodiment of a fitness master. These days, Elin Fitness Redefined has launched an official brand-new website to get closer to its present and future clients. All who are ready to start caring about their body and lifestyle are more than welcomed to see what this trustworthy fitness studio has to offer.

It’s not easy to start obeying certain rules and go to the gym willingly. Everybody who has ever tried to change something in his body shape knows how difficult it can be. Apart from motivation, the most significant role in this process is played by a gym trainer. He is a person who guides his clients and helps them step-by-step in the process of personal training in Alexandria and achieving the assigned goals together with a broad smile on the face.

Elin Fitness Redefined has a team of truly-skilled and experienced gym trainers in Alexandria VA. These fitness masters are certified personal and fitness trainers in Virginia. They know how to tailor specific programs for every client using their expertise and skill.

The pure perfection of the body is achieved by listening to Elin’s certified personal and fitness trainers and their detailed exercising plans. In-home personal training in Alexandria VA is organized by Elin Fitness Redefined and aimed at those who prefer to practice from the warmth of their homes. These training sessions can be done from home, personal gym, or one of a client’s affiliate gym locations.

Online personal training is one of the services provided by Elin Fitness Redefined for all clients who simply enjoy exercising using Elin’s innovative virtual program due to busy schedules or often travel. Training sessions are always personalized and right from a client’s phone, tablet, smart TV, or computer.

The certified personal trainer in Alexandria employed by Elin Fitness Redefined has a role to motivate, guide, and follow every single move his client makes. Personal training is always tailored according to individual needs and plans. People are not identical, and that is the case with their fitness shape, too.

Elin Fitness Redefined is a fitness studio launched by Mr. Elin Kanchev, a fitness and lifestyle professional with over 20 years of experience. As a certified personal trainer, national champion in martial arts, and professional natural bodybuilding champion, Mr. Kanchev is constantly giving his best to motivate hundreds of people to succeed in all life aspects by giving their maximum in practicing. Elin Fitness Redefined is a place where dreams of perfect body shape become a reality thanks to the team of experienced and dedicated fitness professionals. Mr. Kanchev is a man with a great vision whose studio and specially planned training will truly and totally transform everybody’s life.

Contact info:

Company: Elin Fitness Redefined

Phone: +1 (571) 336-7073

Address: 300 Yoakum Pkwy, Alexandria, VA 22304

Email: elinpersonaltrainingredefined@gmail.com

Website: https://elinfitnessredefined.com/

Contact Person: Elin Kanchev

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