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Posted by Ryan Stover on November 26th, 2020

I’m sure you’ve come across a perfect looking cake at a wedding, birthday party, or special occasion. That cake was more than likely decorated beautifully with frosting, colorful, sprinkles, and other edible decals. Did you notice how smooth and perfect the entire outside of the cake looked? Many cakes like this are usually fondant covered.

For anyone who may not know what this confection is, fondant is a thick, sugary icing with its sole purpose to sculpt and cover cakes and pastries. This popular decorating ingredient typically consists of sugar, water, glycerol, gelatin, and a type of shortening. Fondant is widely used in many professional bakeries and businesses specializing in cake decorating. Fondant icing is famous for creating a smooth and elegant finish on a cake before it is fully decorated.

                                             Methods For Using Rolled Fondant

      1. Covering a Cake
This method is the most commonly practiced among cake decorators everywhere. Use a rolling pin and evenly roll out the fondant and drape the thinned out icing over the cake. To prevent creasing, use your hands to smooth out the fondant to make one smooth layer.

     2. Decorating with Fondant
For this method, it’s easiest to use a cookie cutter to punch out specific pieces you want to lay on top of the cake. If you are a more creative and crafty decorator, you can form different shapes and figurines with your hands. You can also utilize specific molds to get the exact shape or design you want.

Fondant is a tricky substance to work with. It’s incredibly thick and sticky, when rolled too thin it can tear, and when handled with too much, it can dry out and crack. Be sure to use it with caution, but when used enough, you’ll get the hang of it.

If you’re looking for a high-quality fondant that will make a great topper to any of your cakes, pastries, or cupcakes, definitely consider the Satin Ice Fondant White Vanilla in the 5 lb size.

If you are a baker that specializes in decorating many different kinds of cake or pastries, it’s within your best interest to invest in a quality and tasty white fondant. The reason behind reaching for a white, vanilla-flavored fondant is the universality of that product. It’s basically a neutral playing ground for any color or flavor you want to incorporate into it.

You are also able to use fondant in more ways than one. You can create decorative pieces like flowers and other figurines on cakes by using fondant. This is a multi-dimensional and multi-use product, so by purchasing the best one available, the difference will show on your future cakes and decoration.

Satin Ice is the only brand supplied at Stover & Company, Inc., so you can trust this will be a quality fondant. Test out the Satin Ice fondant in white vanilla in the 5 lb size and see how it compares!

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