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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on April 18th, 2014

For those that use wheelchairs, either on temporary or permanent basis, using the commode or taking a shower can be a difficult proposition. With a specially designed commode chair or shower chair, these functions can be made much easier.

One of the greatest challenges a person having a disability may face is attempting to maneuver a wheelchair through a narrow bathroom door. One solution is to renovate the bathroom and make the doorway wider. However, this only makes sense to do when the wheelchair use is permanent. For someone using a wheelchair on temporary basis, the cost of renovating the bathroom doorway simply isn’t feasible. A modern commode chair or shower chair is specially designed to be able to fit into the narrowest of doorways. The wheelchair user may then use the commode and take a bath easily.

A commode chair is a wheelchair with a commode shaped seat. These chairs can be of two types: The first are those that can be used over a toilet. These chairs don’t have a container for storing waste. Upon relieving oneself, waste drops directly into the commode below. The second type includes those have containers. Waste is excreted into the container which is emptied and sanitized thereafter. One chooses either of these types depending on the nature of immobility that the person using the chair has.

A shower chair is used in conjunction with a roll-in shower for the purpose of bathing although some models may double as a commode chair as well. These are available in many makes and models but the most versatile ones are those with rails and sliding seats. Once the chair is placed next to a bathtub, it may be connected to the tub frame using the bridge. The seat may be slid along the rails and positioned within the bathtub beneath the showerhead. One can now finish taking their shower, glide back out of the bathtub and disconnect the bridge, returning the chair again to a wheelchair.

When you research the makes and models of these chairs you will find that very few of them are collapsible. Even fewer come with a wheeled carrying case in which the chairs may be stored. These chairs are extremely beneficial should you want, or need, to travel. A portable commode chair or shower chair is analogous to carrying an extra piece of luggage. Because these products are made of aluminum and similar lightweight materials, the additional weight is not necessarily burdensome.

For someone using a standard wheelchair, the only way they can bathe is by having someone lift them up and put them in a bathtub. This is extremely dangerous for the patient and the caregiver. Using these specially designed chairs is not only safer but more convenient and comfortable as well.

The internet provides the fastest and easiest way of researching and shopping for the commode chair or shower chair that will best suit your needs.

A well-chosen commode chair or shower chair makes life much easier for the wheelchair user.

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