5 points to consider in a rolling shower chair

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on April 19th, 2014

A rolling shower chair is one of the best products for the physically challenged individual. These chairs are not for those that are completely immobile but for those that can move with help. The greatest benefit of a shower chair disabled is that it allows someone to toilet and bathe far more independently than without. Whether someone is temporarily or permanently disabled, it always is a good idea to have such a product. But how does one make their choice? There are, after all, so many options available in the marketplace. Let’s review what should be considered before someone spends money on such a chair.

First to consider would be the physical features of a rolling shower chair. There are any different types of materials that are used in manufacturing these chairs. Aluminum is typically the most commonly used material. The reason for using aluminum is because it is lightweight and durable. If a user is on the heavier side, they need a chair that can support their weight and aluminum is the perfect material for this purpose.

Another physical attribute of a shower chair disabled to consider are the seat and backrest cushions. The seat needs to be comfortable and it needs to be waterproof. Vinylized closed-cell foam seats are best. Preferable also are seats that offer removable cushions. Being removable renders them easily cleaned and sanitized and inexpensive to replace should one become worn or damaged.

The weight of a rolling shower chair is another important factor to consider. Many physically challenged individuals like, or need, to travel and when they do they have to take their shower chair disabled with them. If the chair is too heavy hauling it around can be a huge challenge; often more effort than its worth. Some of these chairs have specially designed travel bags and they are worth looking at. The shower chair may be completely collapsed to fit inside its wheeled carrying case making it easily portable.

One important aspect of any shower chair disabled that many people ignore is the size. Bathrooms usually have narrow doors and it is much easier to buy a narrow chair than widen the bathroom doorway.

The price of a rolling shower chair is another important consideration. There are different manufacturers of these chairs and all of them have their different models. The prices of these chairs also vary from product to product. By doing your shopping in an online store you may easily compare the prices of many different makes, models and types. It is possible that the same chair is available at different prices from different websites. Thus it makes total sense to compare.

These points about a rolling shower chair should help someone find exactly the right product. With a shower chair disabled one can be more self-sufficient than ever.

Before you buy a shower chair disabled it is a good idea to determine your needs and research the features available in a rolling shower chair.

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